2.5 Dimensional Seduction Episode 01 Anime Fanservice Review

Otaku Culture, Cosplay, and Tiddies

2.5 Dimensional Seduction is produced by Studio J.C. Staff with Hideki Okamoto directing. The character designs are done by Tomoyuki Shitaya while the music is done by Hiroaki Tsutsumi. It is based off of the manga by Yuu Hashimoto.

The Japanese kanji for seduction 誘惑 is normally pronounced “yuuwaku,” but in this case the furigana, or the hiragana above the kanji, which is the guide on how to pronounce the word is リリサ, or Ririsa, the female lead. This suggests that Ririsa is the one doing the seducing. As to what that means, draw your own conclusions.

The show starts with anime original material from who knows when showcasing characters that will show up later.


We learn that our protagonist, Okumura, got into waifus because his mom left his dad for some other man, left Okumura $2 and told him good luck. He also got rejected by his childhood crush, and all his girl classmates think he’s a freak. He clearly has issues as he is ready for a straitjacket.

The female lead Ririsa Amano appears at the manga club.

Okumura is none too pleased to see that a filthy 3D girl is invading his man cave, and believes when she sees lewd figurines she’ll shriek and flee the clubroom. We do get some panty shots and blank boobs, but I’m not too optimistic about this as I’ll get into later.

Okumura’s plan fails as Ririsa immediately asserts dominance by grabbing herself by the pussy. This is the place where the first real difference is. The anime is very half-assed about this and the manga makes it far more clear she’s touching herself.

Ririsa tells him about cosroms and Okumura wonders if she just handed him porn. He then strikes a Jojo pose and tells her a dirty thought will never enter his mind. This is my assumption, but his mother must have also struck him in the back of the head with a folding chair while he wasn’t looking. But hey, Ririsa thinks he’s cool.

This is where Ririsa unveils her master plan. She is into cosplay, wants to become Liliel, an anime character and make her own cosrom. Ririsa went to a convention when she was younger and got kicked out by older cosplayers. She vowed to return. This is the most stunning part of the episode where the line work and quality is at its highest.

Ririsa then goes on the attack and strikes Okumura’s dick with her feminine wiles which is super effective. The above booty shot may or may not be cropped but this is where fanservice content starts getting cut.

Okumura comes to his senses with Ririsa above him. I am not sure if this shot is cropped or not, or if it even matters. The manga shows a much lower angle and Ririsa’s nipple is barely visible.

This is where the show starts to rush through content. I assume this is to get to chapter 4 as fast as possible to introduce Mikari in episode 02 Okumura’s dream of Liliel and the bulk of service scenes from chapters 2 and 3 are cut.

Ririsa shows up to the clubroom the next day and pulls a pro gamer move. She gets a frame of a character paused so she can see her underwear. Then she changes into cosplay.

The show starts blitzing through content at this point dropping service scene after service scene. This includes a nip slip by Ririsa.

These scenes largely play out the same way in the manga with one notable exception:

This is the first real tiddy reveal. I don’t even think if the smoke  is removed that it’d really matter and that Ririsa’s breasts and nipples would be visible. I’m not even sure this would be changed on the blu-ray as that would require a redraw. There’s some positives as they’re willing to show panties, underboob, and a partial booty shot, but on the other hand there’s negatives of removed fanservice scenes, and what is probably an indicator that there will be no nipples at all.

The episode ends with Ririsa oblivious.

Episode 01 covers the first three chapters of the manga. I do not think the TV show will have any nipples on broadcast TV due to the time slot and not having a parental lock. The blu-rays may or may not have nipples. I’ll get a better gauge of what they’re doing as the show goes on.