25-sai no Joshikousei fanservice review episode 10


Lewd thoughts while studying.


I am almost convinced they actually increased the brightness of the show this time. What you will see is actually how bright it has gotten now. Wish the speed of subs would increase instead as the show is already over and the next r18 one has started yet still 2 more episodes of this need to be subbed.


Hana and Aida are having a special study session but with Kanie present. Apparently she told Kanie about it after Aida invited her to it and Kanie wanted to come which was obviously to protect her. Aida is annoyed at Kanie being there since it ruins his plans and what he wanted to do but he still attempts it anyway till Kanie stops him.

Kanie tells Aida that he shouldn’t be asking Hana for help anyway in the first place since she barely passed her last exam to begin with. Kanie then reveals that Aida did really well on his and all his other exams and would have even better grades if he actually attended class so he shouldn’t even need help studying to begin with. Kanie gives Aida some more harder practice tests to work on and Hana is surprised at this since she never knew Aida was actually smart. She then starts to wonder if this is how Kanie was back when they were in highschool and was simply someone that looked dumb but was in reality really smart.

While Aida is distracted with studying Kanie puts his hand on Hana’s legs and starts to do stuff without Aida seeing it. If you are watching the standard version you get this scene next instead…

If watching the r18 version you get the following instead.

At this point the r18 stuff ends and the episodes join back up.

Aida asks Hana if something is wrong since he sees her acting strange and she then snaps out of it showing that everything that just happened with Kanie in the room was fake and was just in her imagination. She starts to wonder why she is having those kinds of thoughts and tells Kanie and Aida she is going to the bathroom and leaves.

When she is in the bathroom thinking she blames Kanie for giving her those kinds of thoughts when he put his hand on her legs. She then starts to realize that maybe he did that because he was jealous of Aida.

As she comes back and sees Kanie and Aida she realizes how serious Kanie is about being a teacher and how much effort he is putting into helping Aida’s tutoring. She starts to think about herself and how she isn’t really doing anything with her life and is just doing this highschool role while Kanie on the other hand has become a genuine good teacher. She tells Kanie and Aida that she just remembered she has plans and has to leave and can’t stay to study anymore. She leaves to go somewhere and the episode ends.



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Will give the show credit for doing the imagination thing even though it didn’t really provide us with anything that we wouldn’t had been able to get normally. Something like this show which only has one female character around doesn’t really benefit from the imagination stuff unfortunately. Shows with other female characters around whom couldn’t ordinarily receive service because of story conflicts could really gain something from it by having it happen in someone’s head.

Only two episodes left but since subs for this are so random in terms of coming out who knows when the next post will be. Also in case you are wondering I will not be doing posts on the next r18 show Amai that has just started. Not only am I still waiting to finish this up but the frustration of subs will probably be even worse with that show plus I don’t care for the content of the new one either. I’ll save my thoughts on the direction the r18 shows seem to be going for the last post of this show which who knows when that will be.

Speaking of imagination scenes I wish I could imagine this show not being boring or too eye hurting bright. I am seriously just turning my brain off and doing these posts like a zombie because of how bored I am with this show. I just want it to end and the drawn out subs make it feel like torture of trying to drag this show out for as much as possible. On another note even though it is not r18 I probably will be doing posts on a different 5 minute show for spring. What is it? Guess you will have to wait and see.