25-sai no Joshikousei fanservice review episode 5


Not following a dress code leads to lewd things in school.


Even though the previous episode had sex this one goes back to just the standard fondling and such. One different thing though is that even though the past 4 episodes have been going with only a minute of extra content in the r18 version making it seem like that would be the standard with this show that changes with this episode. This time the length is around a minute and 25 seconds of extra content so perhaps the same thing will happen with other episodes later as well.

At school the next day after the previous episode Hana is thinking about what happened at the reunion. She thinks about what they overheard those people talking about when they were in the bathroom about Kanie liking her back when they were in highschool and gives thought to it. Suddenly she gets interrupted mid thought by Kanie who tells her she didn’t pass the uniform inspection that was currently going on and to meet him in the classroom.

In the room Kanie asks her why she is dressed the way she is as well as wearing makeup since she didn’t wear any at the class reunion last night. She tells him she only looks like that because that is how her cousin dressed and so she has to try and look the part as best she can not because she wants to look like this. Kanie tells her he has to punish her for breaking the dress code and you can figure out where this goes.

At this point in the standard version you get this screen instead…

While the r18 version gives you the following…

They hear some students talking right outside the door and realize it is just like last night when they were close to getting caught. Hana panics but Kanie doesn’t care or worry about it and keeps going. He obviously knows that even if students walked in they wouldn’t be able to see them let alone know what they are doing since in this world everyone’s skin emits such a powerful bright light that blends in with the world’s already ridiculously bright surroundings making it that everyone has their own personal camouflage power that is always active.

I probably don’t need to point this out always but whenever you see a stitch and no webm along with it that usually means there was no movement during said scene at all making it just a panning camera so there is no real need to make one. This show seems to do that a lot.

The bell rings signaling the start of the next class and Kanie realizes they have to stop as a result and so Hana gets dressed heads to class.

As Hana tries to leave she finds out that the door was locked the whole time and that there was no risk of students coming in and catching them and Kanie knew all along but pretended not to on purpose to mess with her.

Kanie notices that after she left she forgot to put her panties back on and left them there in the room.

As Hana is angrily walking away from the classroom she suddenly realizes her mistake and that she isn’t wearing her underwear and forgot to put it back on. At that moment the one guy from a few episodes ago that knew her cousin sees her and comes up to her and starts talking since he thinks she is her cousin after all. Hana gets worried about how she is going to handle this without him or anyone else finding out that she isn’t wearing any underwear and the episode ends.


WebM Album.


Since this is only the first episode after having finally reached sex in the previous one it’s not particularly worrying that this episode didn’t have any since you can’t expect it every episode even if that would be much better. However it is important to keep in mind once that barrier has been broken if you don’t have it happen again for awhile everything else will be tame in comparison. So hopefully we get that level of service again soon otherwise the episodes will just feel like more of the same.

Honestly though only 5 episodes in and I’m already bored with the show particularly because it does feel like we are just getting the same stuff with these shows over and over now. Feels like others might be getting bored as well since even getting the uncensored version is getting more difficult. That is why this post is later than the previous ones because I had to wait for the subbed version which didn’t get uploaded till this morning so I would have the uncensored one to use as no one else seems to be ripping it now. At least next week is the halfway point till it’s over.

Chances are I will finally be able to take a break from these r18 shows after this ends. I am really getting tired out covering these shows since it is just the same thing constantly that it is tedious. The reason I say I will finally have a break even though a new one for spring is already announced is because if the spring one ends up being what I think it is then I’m not going to cover it. I’ll post in the comments about what the new spring show is based on a clue they gave so look there to see. Being able to go back to covering other shows will be nice since I have no problems covering 7virtues which I am also doing but these r18 shows have really become a pain to do now.