25-sai no Joshikousei fanservice review episode 6


Not wearing panties is dangerous.


This time the extra r18 content is reserved for the end of the episode rather than occurring during the middle of a scene.


Picking up from the previous episode Hana is approached by the guy from before that her cousin whom she is pretending to be knows. He asks her to go on a date with him and to skip class. Hana turns him down and says it would be better to go to class. This causes him to get suspicious asking why she has started to act so different recently. Panicking that she is about to be found out she agrees to skip class with him to not make him anymore suspicious.

While outside behind a building he asks her for sex again. This causes Hana to panic again since she had no idea her cousin had such a relationship with him. When she asks what he is talking about he tells her that they went to a love hotel the other day causing Hana to be shocked. He then reveals he was joking but wonders why she didn’t deny it right away which leads to him getting suspicious again about her. He starts to get close to her and Hana knows if he grabs her he will know she isn’t wearing panties right now plus she is in even more danger of getting found out. Not to mention being exposed to the sun’s insane brightness in this show for too long will cause you to melt.

I can relate to that face as that is my reaction when I see a glasses girl has removed her glasses.

Kanie shows up in time and stops him chasing him away and saving her. Afterwards they head back to the classroom.

Kanie tells her he is sorry he wasn’t able to protect her from him like he said he would when she first encountered him. Hana uses this time to ask him again about that stuff they overheard at the reunion about how he liked her when they were in highschool. Before she can finish he kisses her and the episode ends if you are watching the standard version. However the r18 version continues on for a minute longer with the following scenes.

The only movement in this scene is the camera’s annoying spinning rotation making creating this stitch a pain.

And with that the episode ends while they are in the middle of this. I’m guessing maybe the next episode will continue on with this stuff possibly having the extra content be at the start of the next one maybe.


WebM Album.



Halfway done. In other words ONLY halfway done. I just can’t care about this show compared to the other r18 ones. It feels like very little if anything happens in these episodes. Sure at only 5 minutes there is not much time to work with but despite that Souryo, Skirt, and Omiai at least felt like a considerable amount of progression happened in each episode. Also doesn’t help that this gave us sex service earlier than those did and yet we still have yet to see it happen again. Maybe this second half of the show will be different and we will start having it occur more often or at least that is what we can hope.

I will be so glad when this show is over. While the other r18 shows were good and brought a new thing to experience this one is so boring and low budget it just feels like torture to get through. That is kind of obvious from the fact that I don’t do these posts in the same way the others were done. Just have to keep thinking that I simply have to imagine everything I have done for the show so far done again and it will be over thanks to it being halfway over.