25-sai no Joshikousei fanservice review episode 8


Being woke up for lewd time.


Been like 2 or 3 weeks now because subs were delayed and the subs were pretty much the only way to find a decent uncensored video. In other words these r18 shows keep getting harder and harder to cover due to one reason or another.


Continuing from the previous episode Hana is staying at Kanie’s place after being there late to study. She gets nervous about him doing stuff to her and also thinks about what he said before about how things are the opposite now and how she still doesn’t know what he was talking about.

When she finishes taking a bath she sees that he has already fallen asleep. She looks at him closer and thinks about how different he looks compared to highschool that even his hair is different now. When she goes to touch it he wakes up and sees her wearing those clothes and decides to act the way you would expect to them.

Insert various generic hentai dialogue things here. If you are watching the standard version you get the following screen after this..

While in the r18 version you get the following instead,

Someone actually thought having the camera do this was a good idea.

If you want a stitch of the manservice for use in chasing children away click here.

The r18 stuff ends here and both versions of the episode join up here now.

Hana has a flashback to when they were in highschool and remembers Kanie being stuck after school having to study for make up tests and so forth because of his bad grades and how he didn’t take school seriously. She tells him the stuff could be useful in the future so he should learn it just in case. She asks him if he knows want he wants to be in the future and he tells her he does but he refuses to tell her what that is. Hana tells him as long as he has goals that is good so he should still try harder in school. Kanie then asks Hana to help him study after school from now on. She says she isn’t that smart but he tells her it doesn’t matter since she is still smarter than he is. In other words this is what he meant in the present time when he said things are the reverse since he is now helping her study like she helped him back in highschool.

The next morning Hana thinks about their past after remembering that flashback and starts to realize that Kanie did like her back then like she had heard. She then starts to wonder if that is still true today and what he thinks about her now and the episode ends.


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At least the show is trying to be a bit like Souryo and Omiai by establishing some previous connection between the leads now so that they aren’t total strangers unlike the ones in Skirt were. Seems a bit too late to try and create some kind of backstory now though since there are only 4 episodes left. Plus the characters don’t seem interesting at all so even with these recent developments it still feels very plain. The show has at least started to use sex in each episode now but the problem is it doesn’t really feel consensual for both parties. In Souryo and Omiai the characters had accepted each other by now and both were voluntarily having sex with each other but here it is still one sided.

Episode 9 and 10 have already aired at this point but now the problem is waiting for subs for them to appear now. So with that said I won’t know when the next post on this will be since this one is weeks after the previous because of that issue. Could end up being this week or maybe even longer all depends on when subs turn up.

I probably should get to work on my hentai schedule post in the meantime. Problem is it is hard to motivate myself to do it when the month is filled with 12 titles. Maybe I’ll just skip including source images this month to make it go quicker. Probably doesn’t help that I started to include pv webms now as well in those posts giving myself even more work. Can’t wait for this show to be over with because I really think it is draining me of motivation to do posts because of how bored I am of it but only 4 more to go at least.