Mahou Shoujo Nante Episode 1 – 4 TV Fanservice Review

Want to become a magical-girl? If someone asks you this, remember to read the fine-print before answering yes or no. Mahou Shoujo Nante Mouiidesukara(I’ve Had Enough of Being a Magical Girl) is a 3-4 minute anime short produced by F.M.F(Anitore! EX) with Studio Pine Jam doing the animation. The fanservice is mild but still surprising considering this is based off a strip-panel manga.

The story is very simple, Yuzuka becomes a magical-girl and her magical outfit is a swimsuit which she is very embarrassed to wear.

Episode 1:

Yuzuka, our future magical-girl.Nante_TV_ep1_00001 Nante_TV_ep1_00005Loli neighbor.Nante_TV_ep1_stitch_000b Nante_TV_ep1_00018Friend.Nante_TV_ep1_00020 Nante_TV_ep1_00022 Nante_TV_ep1_00024I smell potentail yuri.Nante_TV_ep1_00025 Nante_TV_ep1_00027 Nante_TV_ep1_00029Fateful encounter? Or a regrettable one.Nante_TV_ep1_00030 Nante_TV_ep1_00031 Nante_TV_ep1_00032 Nante_TV_ep1_00034 Nante_TV_ep1_00035 Nante_TV_ep1_00036 Nante_TV_ep1_00037Nante_TV_ep1_00040 nante_tv_ep1r_01 (20)White panties. She was a pure girl.nante_tv_ep1r_01 (23)

nante_tv_ep1r_01 (25) nante_tv_ep1r_01 (26)Do these ‘lights’ look ‘oddly-shaped’ to you?nante_tv_ep1r_01 (28) nante_tv_ep1r_01 (30)
nante_tv_ep1r_01 (32) SHINYING PANTSU~! nante_tv_ep1_004 (108) nante_tv_ep1_004 (115)
nante_tv_ep1_004 (130) nante_tv_ep1r_01 (38) nante_tv_ep1r_01 (39)Very sexy.nante_tv_ep1r_01 (40) nante_tv_ep1r_01 (41)
No nipples. She barely has boobs. Don’t expect any on Blu-ray.nante_tv_ep1_004 (142)nante_tv_ep1_004 (145)nante_tv_ep1_004 (155)nante_tv_ep1_004 (158)
Those hips.nante_tv_ep1_004 (165)nante_tv_ep1_004 (168)
nante_tv_ep1_004 (178)nante_tv_ep1_004 (55)
stitch_ep1_00fstitch_ep1_00enante_tv_ep1_004 (62)nante_tv_ep1_004 (63)
stitch_ep1_01bstitch_ep1_02bGood thing for her no one else was around.nante_tv_ep1_004 (73)nante_tv_ep1_004 (74)nante_tv_ep1r_01 (46)nante_tv_ep1r_01 (48)
Exactly where those creatures belong.nante_tv_ep1r_01 (52)

Episode 2:mahou_nante_TV_ep2_00007 Mahou_nante_ep2_stitch_000d Mahou_nante_ep2_stitch_000

mahou_nante_TV_ep2_00093Wear swimsuit, control water, makes sense.mahou_nante_TV_ep2_00097 mahou_nante_TV_ep2_00096 Mahou_nante_ep2_stitch_003b
mahou_nante_TV_ep2_00117 mahou_nante_TV_ep2_00123 stitch_ep2_00He’s not a pervert, just curious. mahou_nante_TV_ep2_00124
mahou_nante_TV_ep2_00125 mahou_nante_TV_ep2_00126 mahou_nante_TV_ep2_00127

Episode 3:Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (1)Finding out your daughter is a magical-girl. And that your one of her many otaku fans.Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (40) Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (38) Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (37) Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (35) Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (33) Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (31) Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (29)Best friend finds out truth.Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (27) Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (26)

Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (25) Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (24)She also a fan of magical-girls.Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (23) Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (19) Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (14)She gets nude before transforming. Your doing right.Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (10)
Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (8)Yuri alarms going off.Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (6)It’s okay to show friends. Slowly she’s getting use to this.stitch_ep3_00b
Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (5)She likes it.Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (4) Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (3)
Just not him.Nante_TV_ep3_00001 (2)

Episode 4:

No fanservice this time.Nante_TV_ep4_00029Realizing her life is ruined.Nante_TV_ep4_00031 Nante_TV_ep4_00033 Nante_TV_ep4_00035 Nante_TV_ep4_00036 Nante_TV_ep4_00037 Nante_TV_ep4_00042“So are you closer to a chicken or a turkey?”Nante_TV_ep4_00039

Opening:Nante_TV_ep4_00001 Nante_TV_ep4_00003

Nante_TV_ep4_00007Just cute.Nante_TV_ep4_00010
Nante_TV_ep4_00023Looks like more magical-girls are coming.Nante_TV_ep4_00024 Nante_TV_ep4_00027

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