Aho Girl TV Fanservice Review Episode 5 & 6:

It’s summer break!! Going to the beach is the best thing to do!! (^o^)

Episode 5:

It’s finally summer break and Yoshiko is planning on going to the beach with the group.

But before that, Yoshiko invites Akutsu and Ruri to watch a latest mahou shojo Prechure movie. XD

And here’s where they’re planning to go for a beach trip.

While buying swimsuits at the swim suit department store, Im not sure whether Yoshiko went there because of the giant hanging banana. XD

Akutsu refused to go with them as he wants to study at home. However, Sayaka manages to guilt him into going because of his lack of friends.

On the day of the trip, Yoshiko’s mom sees the boob president as a major rival for Akutsu’s affection and tries to ruin her bikini top.

Yoshiko finds it looks better that way and she drew nipples on her own bikini top too! XD Soon, her mother took a pair of scissors to completely destroy the bikini.

Finally, Akutsu came to stop her at the eleventh hour. XD

Yoshiko’s mother threw her own bra at Akutsu to distract him while escaping. I initially thought it was a smoke bomb or something. XD Sayaka must’ve been terrified from her last encounter and she went into hiding. XD

Episode 6:

During the beach trip, everyone is having fun right there.

However, someone there has a different agenda….

Only to be buried in the sand by Yoshiko. XD


Later in the hot spring, Yoshiko and the boob president are curious Akutsu’s “size” and are trying to confirm it by peeping on him. XD

However, things didn’t went well for Yoshiko but the boob president was spared. (^^)

After their trip to the beach, there’s a group of Obon dancers trying to stop Yoshiko from getting all the spotlight at their own festival but they still failed. XD

And that’s it for today. Thanks for reading everyone and stay tuned for the next episode of fanservice review. (^^)v.