Akiba’s Trip : The animation PV released



The promised land of Akihabara.


The first PV for Akiba’s Trip is now out letting us see what to expect from the show. The story is an anime original which is a good thing because by making the anime its own story instead of following one of the games there is no risk of it suffering from a bad adaption.

The English translation of the Introduction listed on the main site is:

“Akihabara—a broad-minded town that accepts anyone from beginner to advanced. Even if you go to Akiba alone, there will be someone that understands you. It’s a place where you have the freedom to do anything, a place that bares your body and soul. In this city of Akiba, which jam packs everything from anime to games, maids, idols, junk parts, and B-class gourmet, battles are fought against “Bagurimono,” and an unyielding story of “boy meets girl” begins. ”

Perhaps they will add some cameos from the games in it (you can see a short scene of the opening from the ps3/vita/ps4 game with Kati on one of the tvs screens in the background) but other then that this will be all new but will still keep the concept of striping people in battle. Presumably these new enemies will be weak to sunlight much like how the synthisters in the previous game were leading to the clothing removal as a means of fighting back.

It first airs January 4th at 10:30 pm on AT-X. Will it have nudity? And if it does will it be uncensored? Too early to tell but the PV does give us some bare ass and even blank breasts so it’s a start. Also visiting the main site you can click the main image to get an alternate torn clothes version.


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As you can guess I will be the one covering the show for winter.