Akiba’s Trip: The animation fanservice review episode 12

The path to the final battle is paved in panties.


This episode is mainly focused on setting things up for the final battle however the fanservice does come back in a decent amount near the end.  Hopefully this increase compared to previous episodes is a hint on what to expect service wise when we get to the last episode next week.


Final boss and news guy meet with the minister responsible for banning akiba and give her money for it. She then mentions how they helped her get her position and provided money to bribe anyone who would stop her plan and thanks them. While they hand over the money the news guy secretly takes pictures of it by order of the final boss so that they have something to use against the minister if she disobeys them.

Final boss says how they need to use the ban as an excuse to get as many people out of the city as they can. She also orders the Matome look alike Urame to find Matome and stop her.

Tamotsu wakes up after the stuff from the previous episode and notices his hair is normal again.

When eating at a maid cafe they notice they are the only ones there since the place has lost customers due to the ban. The ban in place has resulted in the cafe and other places having to follow different guidelines which pretty much destroys their business. This gives them all the more reason to stop those responsible to save the city.

Matome tells Tamotsu that he no longer has his powers anymore and can’t help since the girl that looks like her has the power to reverse the powers given to him. This also means he is able to leave akiba once more and has no reason to stay and she refuses to restore his powers because she doesn’t want him fighting anymore.

Some people come into the place having been searching for Arisa to take her back to the US by orders of the ceo of one of the largest companies in the country.

Arisa tells them that she met the ceo back when she finished college. She was traveling around the country to wait for her graduation and attended a party he was at. She impressed him so much with her skills she was hired and eventually reached a high rank in his company.

She agrees to go back with them after being told about an illness that is serious and she is needed to help.

Arisa leaves and apparently giant planes can fit and fly on the streets of Akihabara.

I almost feel required to include anything with Latu due to her facial expressions she always has.

Matome tells the others she will continue fighting the Bugged Ones alone and for them to leave since Tamotsu can’t do anything anymore without his powers.

Just because brown lolis look like small bottles of chocolate milk doesn’t mean you need to shake them first to enjoy them.

Tamotsu and the others are told that the vigilante groups are protesting the ban and that a meeting with government officials will take place and they want them to join it.

The list of all the people protesting the ban which includes Acquire-chan.

Tomatsu turns it down since he is too depressed over losing his powers and leaves since he can now return home.

Tamotsu watches the debate that the others are taking part in on tv while staying in his room.

This is why Japan needs guns. How else will you defend your collections from the government.

All the maids are arrested and presumably taken to the pound. Hopefully this means you can adopt one soon and take her home with you and give her plenty of head pats.

News guy is filming everything and will probably end up turning good in the end. My guess is that he will betray the final boss and use the dirt he has on the minister to make her reverse the ban.

Everyone is having a meeting to decide what to do. Also Acquire-chan is there too so I guess they are making her a main character now.

So both of these characters are from the manga Tokyo Toy Box and Giga Tokyo Toy Box (the sequel). Never read it but apparently it’s a manga about a game company in Akihabara.

I do wonder if we will get to see all of the characters in the group stripped in the final episode. More importantly if we do will it also happen to Acquire-chan? Will a company have their mascot character get stripped?

The government enforcers then break in and arrest everyone while Kage is able to escape by jumping out the window.

Matome finally finds Urame and they fight.

While watching the news Tamotsu sees Matome fighting in the background and rushes to help.

During the fight we find out that Matome and Urame are sisters and the final boss is their grandmother. I was close with my guess since I predicted sisters and mother instead.

Had to go frame by frame to catch that panty shot.

“Gasp how did my wooden bat break when pitted against a sharp metal sword?” Though to be fair Ness was able to beat Giygas an alien that had became evil incarnate and he fought with a baseball bat. Matome must have played too much Earthbound and thought a baseball bat is the strongest weapon there is as a result.

I guess they didn’t expect anyone to go frame by frame searching for panty shots to notice this. Notice the screw up? Matome’s shirt appears to no longer be ripped open and is even zipped up.

Another split second panty shot.

Tamotsu appears just as Urame is about to kill Matome and stops her.

Matome tells him she doesn’t want him getting killed and to stop fighting but he refuses and gains his power back by kissing her. This puts him leagues above many other main characters for that act alone since he initiated it.

Now with his powers back and stronger then before he pulls a shounen main character and destroys his enemy with ease with his power up.

Hug time.

Urame is still able to get up only to have Arisa return and finish her off with some vagina to the head.

Arisa tells them it was the ceo’s pet panda that was sick not him and she was able to cure it using some medicine she had learned when she traveled the world. With that taken care of she decided to return.

With all 5 main characters together now they get ready for the final battle.

Also this line probably mean Urame was being controlled or something and will probably join the main group for the last fight as well.

Final boss getting ready for final boss things.



Pic drawn by the character designer for this episode.



A bunch of stitches made by Sanya. Click for full size.


WebM Album.



Next episode is the last one and hopefully will be the one filled with the most fanservice seeing as how the setup is perfect for it. All of the side characters are now arrested and probably need to be rescued thus putting them in the line of fire for some stripping if fights break out around them. Meanwhile the final boss has two female companions who will need to be fought as well as the final boss herself and the minister will probably be caught in a fight also and the preview shows the previous dead characters back. This episode gave a decent amount once the fight began and with the next episode being the last plus with all the characters that were in the show gathered together it makes for the perfect opportunity for large amounts of service possibly from everyone. Probably won’t be any actual nudity but let’s hope the final episode at least delivers on the fanservice in decent amounts.


The fact that Kati is around causes some real problems though. If she is there why aren’t the other characters from Akiba’s Trip 2 showing up to help fight? Sure it would probably make things too easy since Nanashi and Shizuku would easily beat everyone with no effort but still it seems kind of lazy not to give some explanation if this takes place in the same universe. However it could be possible this is a prequel to AT2 since Kati is working at a maid cafe and maybe she did that first before working at MOGRA. It would also explain why Matome did not show up when AT2 happened since if she is in charge of protecting akiba you would think the stuff with the synthisters would get her to appear.