Akiba’s Trip: The animation fanservice review episode 13

Stripping to save the world.


Though it doesn’t go all out with a major huge amount of service like you would hope for the final episode it still gives a decent amount of some throughout the episode at least.


While the others are being transferred away Arisa’s group shows up to rescue them while Tamotsu and Matome go after the leader.

They find the news guy and make him confess everything he knows as they figured out he was involved since he was always first there when something happened. He admits that the Bugged Ones are planning on taking over the government after they make the abandoned Akihabara their base. Matome also tells Tamotsu about the final boss being her grandmother and they make the news guy tell them where their headquarters are.

Famicom controllers are used for the password to enter inside.

I thought it was going to be the Konami code at first but it was not.

Even used the voice part of the controller. Only game I can think of that used that was legend of zelda but there were probably a few more but since our NES controllers didn’t have a speaker we never got to see that kind of stuff back then.

Matome says her grandmother considers the city corrupt and believes that greed is causing the Ki to be tainted and this causes their race to lose power so her grandmother believes all the greed has to be eliminated so they don’t die off as a result. In other words just another villain who has come to a conclusion based on their own feels rather than evidence and now thinks they are right and everyone else is wrong. In short her grandmother thinks people with a different way of life are somehow corrupted and greedy based on her opinion and own definition of greed and since greed makes her race lose power she thinks she is justified in her actions despite this greed being just her opinion. Also Matome tells him she is really 78 years old because they age differently.

I wonder how many people noticed this. Look in the background and you will see it. That appears to be a younger Latu which gives you an idea of how old she is. Also the two people that look like Tamotsu and Niwaka are probably their parents younger.

Matome after visiting the city herself saw that it wasn’t as evil as her grandmother claimed and that is why she left because she couldn’t support destroying the city. Later the entrance to the hideout was changed so she couldn’t return which is why she had no idea where to find her till now.

After a bunch of traps they reach the two girls sent to stop them.

All the old enemies get revived and then killed again in a second.

After beating them they run off and they follow them.

This takes them to the final area.


I made a Castlevania joke before in another episode but this part does feel like the final battle in Symphony of the Night as there are some parts of Matome and her grandmother’s conversation that sound just like Dracula and Alucard’s.

Matome’s grandmother yells about how the city used to be perfect when they first came only to have to hide underground when ww2 happened and then shortly after Akihabara changed to what it is now.

Tamotsu punches her and they tell her how wrong she is which causes her to do what final bosses always do and transform into their true form.

Dracula said a very similar thing to Alucard at the final battle as well. Like i said it feels very similar to Sotn. Both involve villains wanting to eliminate humans for reasons and a character blood related that doesn’t approve leaves them to fight against them.

The whole final boss makes their appearance known to everyone by doing something part.

Meanwhile Latu finishes work on something they can use and Urame wakes up not knowing what is going on.

Final boss doing final boss things by destroying everything.

Tamotsu jumps on the body while Latu explains her plan to the others on using what she was making. In order for it to work they need Matome for their idol group and since they don’t have her they use Urame intstead.

Tamotsu gets knocked off and is saved by Pyuko who is still alive.

After rescuing Matome they see that a crowd of people have gathered with glowsticks cheering to watch their music group.

Aquire-chan’s last appearance. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t do anything with her such as making her over powered or at the very least do something important. Since she is Acquire’s mascot you would expect them to make her the strongest in the show just because.

The magical glowsticks Latu made combined with everyone’s cheering creates a giant robot type thing for Tamotsu and Matome to fight with. Not really much more to say other than it’s one of those types of final battles in which everyone cheers for the main character’s giving them strength.

If you put mosaics over the glowsticks it makes it look like everyone is waving dildos to beat the final boss.

For some reason they don’t actually show the stripping here which is really odd. You would think since it is the final battle that would be all the more reason to show it since all the other bosses did but here they don’t. Also like most final battles the characters do the “this proves people aren’t evil because of our power from their support” type thing.

What is going on here? I’m glad but I kind of wonder if this is a screw up or just a secret. Imagine if they had snuck nipples into this scene as well it would have been hilarious because of how sudden it would have been. A shame we never got to see Latu actually get stripped other than losing her pants during that one episode.

Final boss is beaten and does like too many final bosses in games do and says they are sorry and that they were wrong right before they die.

Right before she fades away though Latu captures her to keep in a trap. Was expecting it to reveal that Latu is the true villain all along or that she is going to do something evil with it. However when she catches her she says she needs her to confess to some things which means her purpose for capturing her was to make what happens next actually happen.


The minister tries to escape only to be caught by the tall maid who reveals she is really an agent and that the minister is under arrest for various crimes. This is probably why Latu captured Matome’s grandmother instead of letting her die. She probably had her confess to everything that was done to help the minister’s ban and that was enough evidence for Momo to arrest the minister and get the ban overturned. Also Kage is made into the new minister also.

Advertising the show in the show on the right.

The festival is restarted and everything is restored back to normal since Japanese buildings are built with the power of regeneration I guess. Probably all the Godzilla and robot battles made it a necessary to create buildings that rebuild themselves overnight.

Tamotsu sees that the barrier is still in place preventing him from leaving but he is fine with that since he likes staying in the city with Matome.

And this is why Tamotsu is far better than most other main male characters in anime.

Maybe it’s just me but this looks similar to the ship in EarthBound.

Great Scott!

Arisa and Niwaka appear out of the ship having just come back from a future in which 100 years into the future Akiba is messed up because of Tamotsu and Matome and they have to go fix it.

So they get in the ship to go back to the future to correct whatever they have done. I am going to assume this is just meant to be a joke and the obvious Back to the Future reference and doesn’t actually mean they plan on making a season 2. I suppose it’s possible they did this to leave open the possibility of a season 2 if they ever do while leaving it as a BttF joke if they don’t. In other words if they make a season 2 one day they have something to work with and if they don’t they can just say this was a joke and nothing more.



The final drawing the character designer made for the episode.



Stitches that Sanya made of the episode.


WebM album.



I wish this episode would have went all out with the service considering it was the end since there were opportunities ignored. Having all the characters gathered together felt like wasted potential since I expected at the very least everyone from the show would get in a huge brawl with weaker enemies while Tamotsu and Matome did the final battle. This would have at least given us service for everyone at once since one can assume they would all suffer clothing damage.

Not having everyone that was cheering take damage along with Tamatsu and Matome was a missed opportunity as well. Since they were being fueled by everyone’s cheers and were thus connected in a way an excuse could have been made that any damage they took was transfer to everyone cheering as well leading to the entire crowd being nearly stripped.

Despite some of the missed chances for service the show itself was still good by videogame anime standards. Most of the time videogame anime ends up being disappointing primarily because they make the mistake of trying to be an adaption which almost never works out well. I feel the best route to handling videogame anime is to do what Akiba’s Trip did which is to be based on a game not adapted from one.

Having an anime based on a game and having either all new characters in the same setting or the same characters in a new story seems to be the best way to avoid complaints about the quality of an adaption. Plus it gives fans of the series something new since fans have already played the games numerous times so something different is better than the same. As for the anime itself I was fine with it but I have played and liked the game so naturally my opinion on the show would give a few bonus points for that alone.

As for the service itself the stripping didn’t really feel like it got all that much focus like it did with episode 1 and just ended up being a quick short part in episodes after. The first episode was great in how it handled the stripping by having a decent amount throughout the entire episode and plenty of different people stripped as well but the show never seemed to replicate the first episode again. As a result the 1st episode probably could be considered the one with the most service with the pool episode being close as well (though that was focused on other types of service then just stripping).

It’s also a shame that it did not contain any nudity since it would have been nice to add Akiba’s Trip to the likes of Corpse Party or Senran Kagura as a current game series that used anime to give us nudity. Even though I doubt it will happen I would like to see an OVA in the future more importantly one that actually does deliver the nudity. Perhaps if Akiba’s Trip 3 ever gets made they might do something like that to help promote it.

It has been said in interviews that they want to make an AT3 but don’t have the money to do so and are trying to find investors. I feel that is what the entire purpose of all the recent stuff with the series was ultimately leading up to. First there was Akiba’s Beat getting announced. then the anime, and DMM game and it feels as if all of this was to hopefully raise money and awareness of the series so that they can get the funds to make AT3 like they want.

All in all I was generally fine with how things turned out. I really wish it had actually given us nudity as some of the character designs are nice and gave us a reason to want to see them nude especially Arisa but I guess they wanted to avoid it so they could market the series to as many people as possible. It did however give plenty of panties and bras so if you are a fan of that the show delivered. Also Tamotsu is a far better main character then what you normally get from male characters in anime which is also a plus.

Overall I liked the show but like I said I liked the game so I would probably be biased. I think the mistake many people make is trying to view it as a fanservice show first and comedy second after they hear about the concept of stripping people. If you go into the show expecting fanservice as the focus then you will probably be disappointed. The show and series in general is meant to be viewed as a comedy first and fanservice second instead. In other words the best way to be able to enjoy the show is to go in expecting comedy with the fanservice as an extra bonus.


It is hard to decide if either Arisa or Latu is best girl. Arisa had far more screen time and personality but who can resist a brown adult loli. I think if Latu actually had been given more time and was around as a main character more often she probably could have been the best. However since she wasn’t around as much the best girl is easily Arisa for plenty of reasons.