Akiba’s Trip: The animation fanservice review episode 4

All radio towers should destroy clothes with their radio waves.


This episode sadly did not have a whole lot of fanservice in it. On top of which it was pretty much boring if you are not into radio signals but if you are you got plenty of radio porn in this episode I guess. There still is someone getting stripped and some clothing destruction as well and some characters being cute so there is that at least. Just be aware that compared to other episodes this one was tamer in the service department.


Tamotsu installs an antenna on their building so they can get better reception and range. Since this episode ends up relying on radio signals this is mainly just to set things up and show his interest in radios.

This episode’s Acquire-chan appearance.

Using radios for communication they search for a rare game to get at the cheapest price possible by using the radios to talk to each other as they search different stores. Apparently its a Super Famicon game if you pay attention to the label on the shelf though technically it says Supper Famigom instead because companies are sue happy. Arisa decides to act first and grabs it without waiting for the others to say its okay and as a result gets the game at a higher price than what the others could.  Most people would probably just be happy to have a girl go videogame shopping with them though.

Afterwards they go to a radio store to buy stuff to improve their antenna signal back even more with equipment. I know nothing about radios and that so I just found myself wanting nudity during his radio stuff speech. Anyway this place is an actual real store in Akihabara as well which you can see a pic of here.

A strange radio wave then occurs causing all communication devices such as smartphones to blow up.

Heading outside they find a tower has now appeared with the girl controlling it being a Bugged One that is using special waves to destroy equipment. They head towards her to stop her when she uses her waves that can destroy clothes.

Having no choice as they cannot reach her because of the attack they run to try and think up a plan on how to fight her.

After hearing about it Latu tells them that the girl is probably the person she knew back when she worked at a research center. Years ago she and other researchers were studying the Bugged Ones and she worked with another girl researching the Bugged Ones under the guidance of their teacher. Eventually she would leave to come to Akihabara to study the Bugged Ones more closly since Akihabara is where they were located.

Latu mentions that through their research they discovered that Bugged Ones emit small radio waves which they could use to detect them. So to accomplish this the other girl and their teacher worked to get a second tokyo tower built in Akihabara which they could use for that purpose. The plan failed and that is why the girl that is attacking the city now is focused on her tower being the best tower in Japan and using it to destroy communication devices since it was her dream to have a tower in Akihabara that never happened.

In order to stop the girl Latu says they need to contact her old teacher for help who moved to Brazil.  Since phones and other devices don’t work because of the other girl’s tower they need to use radio waves to get into contact with him which they can do because of the large antenna Tamotsu installed earlier in the episode and they just need to wait for the right weather.

Apparently lolis eat slow and with manners unlike the others.

After waiting around their Morse code signal finally gets through and they get a message back from Latu’s teacher.

Arisa showing what she does to things that she puts in her mouth.

After trying to figure out what the message said Latu notices the aluminum foil in Arisa’s hand from the food they were eating and figures out that her teacher was telling them to use aluminum foil to counter the waves.

After making armor covered in thick aluminum foil they are able to fight the girl without taking damage since aluminum cancels out her waves she uses to attack with.

After beating evil science loli the tower explodes and the Final boss and her reporter assistant watch with the reporter creating the false story that the whole thing was just an ad campaign for an antenna shop to hide the truth from everyone. Even Japan has problems with fake news I guess.

Latu asks her why she did everything and she tells her after the plan to get a second tower in Akihabara failed she ended up deciding to wander around before finally coming to the city and deciding to kill herself by jumping off the roof. You know if the science loli wanted a tower in Akihabara all she really needed to do is show everyone her lewd loli ass and that would get plenty of towers erected in Akihabara ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

As she was about to kill herself she was stopped by a woman who promised to make her dreams come true.

Older woman x loli lewdness.

After touching her hand she lost control of herself and the only thing she remembers is being on the tower attacking with those waves. I have to say this scene is really wasted potential. They made it seem like the kissing method Matome used at the start was the only way to grant powers to someone so I was hoping that meant the Final boss was going around kissing everyone they had fought so far. Just think we could have got a scene like the one from the first episode with Tamotsu and Matome but with the evil science loli and the final boss. Not to mention the woman from the previous episode would have had to undergo the same method. Missed potential for some nice yuri.

Latu forgives her and promises to do some things to ensure she doesn’t get into trouble for what she did.

You will never drive off into the sunset with a loli on your back.

Maybe this is just me being a degenerate pervert but that mic between Arisa’s legs almost seems done on purpose when you consider the mic’s shape. Are they making an Arisa is a futa joke or is it more innocent? Anyway after getting back Tamotsu decides to run his amateur radio station and have the three of them as guests because of them being idols. So I guess they are going to keep the whole idol thing as a minor plot point throughout the show.

Episode ends with the ED being one of the songs that their made up idol group sings.



The pic for episode 4 that the character designer drew.



Here are stitches that were made by Sanya.


I would say this was probably the weakest episode so far. The service was minimal and the plot for this episode just didn’t seem too interesting. I would assume if someone was a radio otaku then they would like this episode but to me a lot of the topics in the episode didn’t really do anything for me. Plus the lack of random enemy humans made it that the only stripping we got in this episode was with the boss of the episode (the previous episode countered this problem by giving service in other ways). The next episode according to the preview is a Street Fighter 5 episode which is apparently an official collaboration so the next episode should be a lot better both in entertainment and probably service since the preview already showed some.


So I am going to take a prediction and guess that at some point all the normal human main characters will get possessed and Tamotsu and Matome will have to strip them to return them to normal. Doing so would allow us to get characters who don’t fight stripped at some point such as brown science loli.