Akiba’s Trip: The animation fanservice review episode 7

Maid cafes are dangerous.


Like with previous episodes the fanservice doesn’t really start till near the end.


Tamotsu is trying to take pictures of Niwaka’s figure when he knocks it over and breaks it.

Niwaka tells him how important the figure was to her and how it is not possible to find a new one because of its rarity. He then then tells Arisa and Matome that he is searching auctions and has found one.

When trying to get one he is outbid by a rich guy and as a result realizes he will need more money if he wants to have a chance at getting one so he heads back to ask for more work.

He is thus told about a job at a maid and butler bar that pays high and gives compensation based on performance.

We actually get to see his age here and birthday. Here is a a good way to feel old. He was literally born shortly after Metal Gear Solid came out in Japan or alternatively in the same month it did here in the US. He was also born a month before Ocarina of Time was released.

I should have keep a record of all this lewd hand touching that seems to occur each episode.

He gets the job and meets the top Maid and Butler whom tell him that the amount of hearts on your name plate is for your rank based on how well you do.

They then do some military boot camp type training by reciting phrases and seeing how dedicated everyone is to the manager.

Don’t know if it was just my imagination or maybe the lighting during scenes like this but I started to think the art quality of the show looked like it had improved a few times this episode.

During work one of the customers asks to have their picture taken with their phone and Tamotsu decides to do it with his camera instead which is an old instant camera which impresses everyone because those are not made anymore.

As a result he gets promoted to a second heart for impressing everyone.

He then reaches the end of the first week and finds out that people are given a bonus based on how many thank yous they collected. He then finds out that the bonus is literally pieces of paper with thank you on it and that he set a new record.

Niwaka stops by later to apologize for getting mad earlier about the figure when he isn’t around and we get some flashbacks.

Smug loli.

Embarrassed loli.

Arisa playing with those dolls.

Meanwhile Tamotsu is struggling until he gets a prep talk by the others to try harder.

Running around handing out flyers.

He has now become like the others with his dedication to the job.

Acquire Chan’s episode appearance.

It has been a week since anyone last saw him so they are starting to worry.

Arisa comes in showing them an article that shows Tamotsu is in bad shape and they head to the cafe to save him. The magazine she shows is a real life magazine called 1up that is given out for free in Akihabara so its like those free newspapers you sometimes see that say free take one.

They get to the cafe to see that Tamotsu has changed because of his job obbession.

loli bitch slap.

loli bitch slap with a bat.

“What the fuck am I reading?”

After getting hit they are able to turn him back to normal again.

When the manager sees this he reveals himself to be a Bugged One.

After stripping the maids and butlers they realize that they aren’t actually possessed by Bugged Ones like previous enemies meaning that they are just really dedicated employees and as such can’t be beaten by taking their clothes.

Arisa then beats them all by just attacking directly with physical attacks instead.

The manager then grabs Niwaka and uses pins to bind her to him so that in order to strip him she would also need to be stripped.

Realizing he has no choice he runs to strip the manager anyway.

He strips the manager and quickly puts on a maid outfit on Niwaka after stripping her as well.

With everything resolved they leave and after Niwaka apologizes to Tamotsu he gives her the replacement figure he bought for her.

He is also now permanently traumatized at hearing the word thank you said to him.



The weekly picture drawn by the character designer.



Some stitches made by Sanya. Click for full size.


WebM album.


Next episode looks like it could have some focus on Arisa plus it looks like we get this character as one of the villains for the next episode. Only 3 episodes left until presumably the actual main story starts back up since all the filler villains from the opening will be done by then.


The one and only true Top Meido is Momoko from Cross Ange. So none of the other maids in here could compare.