Akiba’s Trip: The animation fanservice review episode 8

There is nothing wrong with wanting to wrestle a cute girl and get beat up by her.


Going to admit I know nothing about wrestling so any references or jokes would have went over me for this episode. With that said most of the fanservice is in the second half of the episode during the match.

After Tamotsu is given a bunch of rice from his parents he discovers that they don’t have a rice cooker so they go out to buy one.

They notice a large crowd gathering around someone and they see a martial artist walking around with a bunch of boxes on his head. Arisa then recognizes him as being her master that trained her in the past when she was in China.

Acquire-chan’s weekly episode appearance in the back along with the one girl from the dmm game.

Flashback time in which Arisa explains that she graduated college 10 years ago in the US and traveled the world to try and figure out what she wanted to do. I’m going to assume since she looks like a little girl in the flashbacks that she was just some prodigy and was in college younger than normal so 10 years later would still put her at around 18 or 19 I would assume rather than being much older like someone who graduated 10 years ago at a normal college age.

Arisa talks about all the places she had been and how she trained with her master for a year till she mastered martial arts. It was after this that she then came to Japan and doesn’t know why her master has shown up in the country as well.

After discovering that all the rice cookers are sold out they are told by the store clerk that they were all bought by the same person which is Arisa’s master.

After Arisa tries to get her master to remember her a woman appears telling them that she manages him now. Arisa tells the others the woman is Risa whom is a famous promoter in martial arts.

Tamotsu realizes she is a Bugged One after she says her plan is to take over Akihabara by buying rice cookers cheap and then reselling them at full price. She then orders Arisa’s master to attack them using her control over him.

While fighting Arisa’s master the store clerk stops them because he doesn’t want fighting in the store and they are kicked out.

Risa decides they will settle the fight outside by having a fighting match between Arisa and her master in a arena.

This is where the fanservice for this episode starts.

Risa then mocks the vigilant groups about how she will eliminate them so that she can take over the city.

Arisa then enters in her costume to start the fight.

Since there are no rules this allows Risa to fight unfair and do things like hit Arisa in the back of the head with a chair.

Arisa’s master refuses to fight the way he is ordered to until Risa threatens his family by showing that his family is being held hostage to force him to do as she says so he continues to fight Arisa.

They chant this in english too making it funnier.

Arisa starts to fight back and begins to win until Risa shows a video of backstage showing that Matome and Niwaka have been captured and that Arisa has to stop fighting back if she wants them safe. As a result Arisa gets beaten more by her master unable to fight back.

What kind of fool gets that perfect opportunity with their face in that position and doesn’t stick their face in between there and get a taste of sweaty wrestling girl vagina.

Tamotsu then runs off to try and free the others.

As Arisa is about to be beaten Tamotsu rescues Matome and Niwaka so that Arisa doesn’t have to hold back anymore. So anyway remember how I said I have no knowledge of wrestling? Apparently Tamotsu’s rescue or at least his vehicle use seems to be a reference to something or at least that is what Japanese fans seem to be indicating by showing the similarity by posting this.

I have no idea the context because of my lack of knowledge of the sport or if maybe that vehicle use is a trademark for steve austin (at least I’m not completely stupid to not recognize who it is) but I am going to assume that Tamotsu using that particular vehicle during a wrestling match which is the same one shown there is probably not a coincidence. The only thing I know is that I can find plenty of pics of steve austin on an atv so I am assuming this reference is deliberate and I probably look like a retard right now pointing out something that is obvious to people whom are knowledgeable about wrestling. So I’m guessing this was one of possibly many references in this episode I would not notice because of not being familiar with wrestling. However american wrestling does have a fanbase in Japan so making references to it would make sense.

Since she is free to attack again Arisa continues to fight.

Risa tells him to finish her off but he refuses having broken free of her control and attacks her instead. Afterwards him and Arisa agree to finish their fight.

Arisa wins her fight against her master.

After seeing her plan to take over Akihabara is ruined Risa gets up to keep fighting. Tamotsu then gets on stage to help Arisa as they fight Risa together.


The bottom half is hard to see because of the blur but it sort of looks like they did draw stuff there which appears to be Risa grabbing between her legs. Kind of odd for them not to give us a clear view of the bottom half of her.

Tomatsu and Arisa beat her and presumably she dies since she was probably classified as a high level Bugged One and since they didn’t show her afterwards we can probably assume she wasn’t being controlled either unlike the female producer from episode 3 so she was probably legitimately evil and dead now as a result.

Lewd hand holding. I think we have got a scene in literally every episode so far. I’m not sure on that but it would be funny if they are doing it on purpose and making sure there is at least one hand holding scene per episode.

Arisa’s master’s family is shown to be safe now and he is back to normal as well. He then tells her how he will restart his training again so he doesn’t get controlled again like that by someone.

Tamotsu and the others then tell everyone how they will keep defending Akihabara.




This episodes bonus artwork drawn by the character designer.



Sanya’s stitches he made.


Webm album.


Even though this episode only had a small amount of stripping it at least gave us more service than the previous recent episodes thanks to the wrestling segment. Next episode looks to be focused on card games and from the preview looks to have more female characters in it which is always good news because that means more people to get stripped.


Whenever I see a cute girl in a show getting hurt it makes me realize I think I may have a fetish for nursing injured girls back to health. Seriously imagine after the end of this episode helping to patch Arisa up. She probably would let you rub medical cream on her and put bandages on her while smiling and thanking you. Before noticing your erection and saying “guess I need to help your injury too” before reaching for your pants. O_O