Akiba’s Trip: The animation fanservice review episode 9


All problems can be solved by card battles.


Most of the stripping fanservice happens to occur in the first half this time around instead of near the end like previous episodes. So that means most of the fanservice is in the first half with the second half mainly focused on the Yu-Gi-Oh parody. Though there still is some cleavage shots and such because of Arisa so the second half isn’t completely empty.


A history lesson is given explaining how everything in this world throughout history was settled with card battles even the presidential election. So not only is Trump a master at 4D chess he is apparently also a master at card battles in order to win the presidency. No surprise since he always has a trump card up his sleeve. Wish they had actually shown a card battle between the two of them as it would have instantly made this the show of the season. As expected of out God Emperor.

Arisa decides to do a live unboxing video of her opening cards for the game Battle Creatures which is the main popular card game in the world.

After going through all her packs she doesn’t get a single good card and just common ones.

After Tamotsu finds her he notices that she forgot a pack and opens it himself finding a rare card inside. Arisa tells him that he should start playing the game now since he got lucky enough to find that. And so the show becomes Yu-Gi-Oh.

Acquire chan’s weekly hidden appearance.

While looking at his deck Kage talks to him some and they notice the other vigilante groups are all fighting with each other in the room.

Still don’t know if he is a she or not. This scene sort of makes the likelihood of being a girl higher due to the fact that he or she is sitting with the other female member in the group while arguing with the males in the group.

The vigilante groups all have gotten new female members in their groups and this has lead to fighting with all the different group’s members.

It is not just one group but all of the groups that are supposed to be making Akihabara safe are fighting.

The groups then begin to separate and go their own ways.

After telling the others about it Niwaka says women like that are known to join groups and cause a bunch of in fighting as a result.

They then discover on the news that vigilante groups all over the city are disbanding because of girls that recently joined them.

Latu then shows them a flyer for a new business that recently opened that is selling these girls to join groups which is why so many have infiltrated so many groups at once. Since it is only happening in Akihabara and only to the groups whom are supposed to be protecting the city they realize it is probably the Bugged Ones.

Its the same building from the maid episode making them even more suspicious.

After going inside they meet the owner of the company who sells the girls.

They tell him they know he is a Bugged One which he admits to. He tells them he tried to ruin all the vigilante groups in the city by having his girls join and cause in fighting. So with that said time to start some fighting and stripping.

After beating all the girls they begin the fight against him.

I was disappointed at the missed opportunity for a Symphony of the Night reference by having him throw the glass down before fighting. How do you not do that when you have a villain with a glass of wine. Though its possible Matome’s line was meant to be a reference instead since it is almost similar to Dracula’s “Enough talk. Have at you” line.

Matome gets beaten trying to fight him as he shows how strong he is and that they would have no chance at beating him in a fight. As a result he challenges them to a card battle instead.

Tamotsu accepts and now the Yu-Gi-Oh stuff begins.

Matome has no idea what is going on since unlike the others that are seeing the fight in a over exaggerated way she sees it as it is really happening as just two people with cards.

Explaining everything that is happening would take too long so I’ll just include subs on some of the pics. Especially since the dialogue is needed to see the parody.

Uncensored for BD maybe?

Matome is still confused as to what is going on. Arisa tells her its because of her lack of imagination.

After having his cards beaten he gets attacked.

He survives the attack because he used a card to save himself at the last second.

This is why the life of a NEET is best as you can easily become a powerful wizard without trying as long as you stay away from 3DPD women.

Using his new powered up card Tamotsu is able to win. No one strangely seems to comment on how the guy doesn’t die meaning he wasn’t a high ranked Bugged One like the bosses in most of the other episodes.

Afterwards all the groups that disbanded decide to make amends and get back together to keep protecting the city.



Here is the pic the character designer made for the episode.



Some stitches made by Sanya. Click for full size.


WebM album


This episode had some decent fanservice for what the show offers in terms of fanservice and plus it was a parody of Yu-Gi-Oh which most people have probably seen at least one episode of and can understand and enjoy this episode’s parody. Next episode looks like it will be something to do with food so it will probably be Matome focused. Next week also I’m assuming will be the last of these episodic type episodes since the opening shows a character that looks like Matome after next week and presumably that would be something major story wise especially since the final boss is right after her. Hopefully when the main story stuff starts so will an increase in stripping similar to the first episode since we can assume the closer to the end the more fighting will take place and more stripping as a result.


It’s always odd how the girl that is not the main one is always better. Arisa is so vastly superior to Matome its almost not even fair. Of course the story is obviously going to pair Tamotsu up with her anyway despite Arisa being being the better character. Though it would be funny and a nice twist if they didn’t for the purpose of being different from other shows.