Amaenaideyo!! (Dual Audio) fanservice compilation

An uncommon classic from the ecchi dead zone that was the mid-oughts.


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Series Information


Production Company:  Studio DEEN

Vintage:  Summer 2005, Winter 2006


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Notable Seiyuu:


Mai Nakahara as Chitose Nanbu

Chitose Nanbu_Amaenaideyo

Mai Nakahara is also well known for her roles as:


Akeno Watanabe as Haruka Amanogawa


Akeno Watanabe is also well known for her roles as:


Tomoko Kawakami as Sumi Ikuina

Sumi Ikuina (Amaenaideyo)

Tomoko Kawakami is also well known for her roles as:

Soi Fon (Bleach)Misuzu Kamio (Air)Yura Onoda (Futari Ecchi)

Haruhi Terada as Sakura Sugai


Haruhi Terada is also well known for her roles as:



Thoughts on the anime


The Amaenaideyo!!  manga is a bit of an ecchi classic, and had it come out just a few years later, it might have rivaled the likes of To Love-Ru  or Kanokon  for its blatant ecchiness.

Unfortunately, this series was released smack in the middle of an ecchi recession that began in 2005 and more or less stretched on for three years.  The way the last two seasons have been weak for ecchi, that kind of thing was very normal in the middle of the past decade.  Blank boobs and faux nudity ruled.

Given that this was a huge betrayal to the Amaenaideyo!!  manga, Studio DEEN compromised in a very 90’s kind of way, by waiting for the series ending OVA of each season to deliver the goods.

Studio DEEN has been around forever, producing hit anime in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.  They have no shortage of classic anime to their name, and also quite a few run-ins with casual nudity.  Those instances of nudity were typically brief and almost kind of fluky, with the exception of Rumiko Takahashi’s classics from the 80’s.

Other than Takahashi’s works, Amaenaideyo!!  is the only Studio DEEN anime that is really worth considering for a compilation video, and given that it was released at a time when nudity in anime was as unpopular as ever, you might say that this anime actually delivered better than one might have expected at the time.

The TV series itself is a huge cocktease, thank goodness for those series capping OVA or else this anime would have been painful to sit through.  The intense level of tease is kind of ingenious in its own way for how it sets up the nude service in the OVAs, and also for making viewers appreciate the manga even more.

Strangely enough, very little of either anime season is directly based off the manga.  There are roughly half a dozen scenes that are taken from the manga.  Everything else is anime original.

While most ecchi anime seem fairly obvious with their central purpose (anime like To Love-Ru  and Queen’s Blade  really only use storytelling to take us from one awesome nude scene to the next), it’s nice to get a legit anime with nudity tossed in on the side every once in a while.  This anime was about fanservice first and foremost, but it was fun on other levels too and had a nice cast of characters.


Thoughts on the fanservice video


Fun to make, and ended up a lot longer than I expected.  I really liked how the manga comparison turned out.


Favorite Character


Kazuki Kazusano and Yuuko Atouda

Kazuki Kazusano and Yuuko Atouda (tie).

While Kazuki easily steals the show in the manga (she’s a bit of a Momo Deviluke super-aggressive type), she doesn’t even appear in the first season of the anime and isn’t as big a part of the service as she was in the original version.

Yuuko is kind of a tomboyish character that seems to be the one character who is always having fun.  Spunky, skilled in fighting and self-conscious about her bust size… in a lot of ways she’s like Mahoro with a sunny disposition.