Amagi Brilliant Park BD Fanservice Review Episode 5:

Not enough money is a big problem. But don’t let it get in your way!! XD

Hi everyone!! (^^)/ Let’s continue with the story of Amagi Brilliant Park where they have only 3 months to attract 250,000 visitors!! Despite that, the newly appointed manager Kanie Seiya announced that the park has used up all of their savings and there is no money left to keep it running!! XD

Moffle remembers an old friend, Dornel which is also a mascot of the park who went missing after going for a treasure hunt in an abandon area of the park. He suggest that searching for the treasure could help to solve the financial crisis. XD

Hence, Seiya, Isuzu, Macaron, Tiramy and Moffle all left their positions to investigate it. Apparently, the staff starts slacking when their supervisors is not around. XD

The abandon area was filled with traps. While facing the traps along the way, Isuzu and Macaron got separated from the others. And because of that, they discovered that Dornel was still alive. He was hidden inside the cave all the time indulging on several hobbies. XD

In the meanwhile, Seiya and the others confronted Rubrum, the giant red dragon while being surrounded by some monsters. After being reunited with Isuzu and Macaron, it was learnt that Rubrum and the Diggeries, a group of mole-like fairies were running away from a tyrannical empire and given shelter in the park.

Back to the surface while Seiya is meeting with princess Latifah, Rubrum and the Diggeries shows up and ask for a job in the park in which Seiya agrees to it.

A while later, all the items that Dornel collected while he was “MIA” are sold to cover for the park expenses. XD

Although there is not much of fanservice for this episode, but the overall story was progressing well with alot of interesting characters. (^_^) Lastly, thanks for reading everyone and hope you all enjoyed watching this anime!! Stay tuned for the following episode of fanservice review where there will be more appearance of interesting characters!!