Angelic White Magical Girls doujin collection


(includes volumes 1-11 plus some extras)

Here’s all of Zettai Shojou’s doujin that’s currently available on the interwebs.


I take no credit for these, it’s just my personal collection that I’ve uploaded into a single .rar file.  Most of them were translated by Saha.  The original title of these works is Zettai Junpaku: Mahou Shoujo, sometimes abbreviated as Zettai Shoujo or Mahou Shoujo.  For whatever reason, the OVA carried a different title.

This is the source material doujin behind the brief Angelic White Magical Girls OVA.  It’s not complete, but includes all 11 installments currently available, plus the hot springs special, extra art from the artist (Raita) and a collection of Misa Suzuhara figurine shots.

A warning for some, this is hentai material and is fairly explicit.  Not to mention a touch on the weird side.  I love the writing though, and I came to really enjoy the au naturel art style once I got used to it.