AntiMagic Academy Fanservice Level 6-8

There are bunch of naisu stuff here

H-how long has it been since we last met? No, please don’t count the comments I made. Sorry, so has it been 3 weeks already? Almost 1 month huh!? Time sure really fly by when you are having fun watching oppai all day long.

Now let’s get to the point. How was the episode 6, 7 and 8? It was fun to watch, especially after hot onee-chan got introduced, man, really. She was hot.

The plot moves forward as usual and more mysteries has been revealed together with characters’ background.

With that in mind let me tell you something new.

From now on in my review post. I will have a different layout of the post. Instead of go through the images that make you go crazy in chronological order.

Every images in my fanservice review will be ordered in a scale I called “Burst”. What it means is really simple to understand, the images will be ordered from cold to hot, another word kawaii to heaven. There will be total of 4 levels in the Burst scale as it shows here:

Level 1: Kawaii (Seriously dangerous)

Level 2: Sekushī セクシー (You will start to loose blood, it could make you faints)

Level 3: ブラジャー (You should be at the hospital now, it’d be best for you and me.)

Level 4: トップレス (It is the end for you.)

This post is like an experiment, it could lead to a complete disaster or something else. I have also sorted the characters, it doesn’t follow any patterns or first letter of the name.

So please, Onegaishimasu!


Stitches and webms are made by our fantastic Stitches-kun. (Sorry Scissor-san if you don’t want to be called by that name. -__-‘)


Level 1: Kawaii

rightthere patmemore hahaha


z31 z30 z24 z23 z18 z05 z03


z29 z27 z26 z07 z06 z01

z4 whatwasI revoltingyes ishalltellyou hotendcard dontcare


z39 z38 z37 z36 sohot iloveher hotoneechan z33 ughhtookawaii

Isn’t this onee-chan kawaii? Man, I love her.

kakkoieyekachu kakkoi


Level 2: Sekuchi!

z41 z10 theaction sidebysideoppai sidebyside blameonother

z35 seemore result ohhyea Iwillgetyou fromanangel

z34 z22 z21 thisreallyishot hotreallyhotscene1 scene2 scene3 scene4 scomplete

nosebleed1sechipantsu sechipantsu2 z15 z14 z13 z12 z11 nicenaisu


witchbeautiful witchgwahhh witchinlock witchmakeaface witchoppaiunder witchunderoppai0 sexywitch z17

Level 3: ブラジャー

wanttobeside thismustbeheaven revealyourselves! moreofthis damnkawaii

lucky1 lucky2 lucky3 lucky4 love experience2 experience4

fullfrontal00 naisueyecatchu!



So what do you think? This is my first try so some images didn’t make it into the post (I literally don’t know where to put them.) but I promise, next time thing will be smoother than this one.

Did I changed something from my original idea? Alot, yea, alot.

Mostly because WordPress didn’t allowed me to use Javascript, my idea was to have a Table of Contents with texts that says what images are about and which characters are in it. The texts are clickable, when you click it the page will automatically scroll down to where you want to go. But as some of you already knew, it requires Javascript to make it works. Sadly WordPress blocked it for security reasons.

Edit: Wizard’s tech guy told me how to do the scrolling without using Javascript now. Thanks.

Meh, I feel disappointed for not be able to make it come true but yea, can’t help.

Anyway, thanks for reading and hang on until the end. This is your reward:




Damn, sorry but I can’t end this post without posting her:

iloveher hotoneechan ughhtookawaii

>__< Too kawaiiiiiii