Araiya-san Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de fanservice review episode 3


Giving massages in the shower.


Looks like unfortunately this episode didn’t have the sex scene that was supposed to happen next in the manga and instead either skipped it or will have it’s occurrence changed around. As a result though we skip ahead to another chapter which is the buildup to the next sex scene with the main girl. Which we should in theory get next week based on how this episode ends.


Aoi is watching Souta while the volleyball teams are practicing and thinks about what happened yesterday at the bathhouse and how he was the one that washed her and heard about her liking him. Later on after school Mei tells her about how she got the same massage Aoi did from Souta after she went into the sauna that day and felt she should tell her. After telling her this Mei runs off without saying anything else which leaves Aoi to wonder if the massage was really the same special one that she got.

The next day at practice Aoi is still angry thinking about what Mei told her yesterday and still has no idea if the massage Mei got really was the same thing that he did to her. In her anger she hits Souta with a ball during practice resulting in him getting hurt and taken to the nurse. After getting treated Souta decides he will take a shower before heading home since no one should be in there.

I really hate this motion blur in scenes that prevent good stitches.

After walking in he sees Aoi is in the shower as he panics at seeing her since this is supposed to be the boys shower until realizing that someone switched the signs as a prank. After realizing his mistake he gets ready to leave as Aoi stops him and asks about what Mei said. Not knowing how she found out he decides to admit to it and tells her he did give her the same massage and starts to leave. Aoi stops him again and tells him to give her the same massage again while they are there in the showers and he agrees.

After giving her the same massage again he notices that she isn’t as hesitant as she was the first time and starts to wonder if it really is true about her liking him like he heard in that conversation. Wanting to find out he asks Aoi if she really does like him but before he can finish his sentence he hears the sound of the rest of the girls from the volleyball team heading toward the showers with him having no way to escape before they get there as the episode ends



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So this episode had a major change compared to the manga and like I thought they might end up doing after seeing the preview screens for this episode last week ended up being true and they skipped a sex scene with Mei which I really wish hadn’t been the case. Like I said last week there were already some changes in how the scene in episode 2 played out but the episode still ended in the same way the manga did right before the sex scene however they decided to remove it from happening after that in the anime. What occurred in the manga was a sex scene with Mei after her massage with them agreeing to keep it a secret. In the show they just decided to cut that part out and skip ahead to the next major chapter with the two of them not having sex now. This kind of has me worried on why they may have did this. I assume they removed it simply because they want Aoi to be the first girl he has sex with unlike the manga where it was Mei but what really has me worried is the possibility that they might try and change this to Aoi not just being the first but also the only one as well. Since Mei only has one actual sex scene in the manga so far while Aoi has multiple that makes it possible they could just cut it altogether but I’m really hoping that is not the case.

As we have seen they are changing things in the story around so it’s still entirely possible that the sex scene with Mei might still happen but could just be changed around to happen later and under a different scenario. But until that happens I’m going to be worried about the chance they might restrict the sex to just Aoi in the adaption. The next episode should be the first sex scene with Aoi based on how this episode ends and since the end image preview shows her talking to others from inside the shower it looks like that will indeed be the next chapter they use. So the next episode based on that will be when she hides Souta from the girls that enter by pulling him into the shower with her as he decides to have sex with her while they are both inside when the other girls are just outside the curtain. We will only have 4 episodes left after next week so hopefully in those that remain they decide to give Mei her sex scene after Aoi gets her’s next week. Also issues with subs releasing have already started to happen with them only finally appearing this morning which is why this post wasn’t sooner. Really hoping this isn’t a common problem but it seems these shows always end up having issues with subs.

It’s going to be funny if the reason they skipped Mei’s scene is because they are saving it for the final episode and end the show with her being the last person he has sex with which will essentially mean she wins by being the “final battle”. If the show decides to shit over the tsundere type character by having the nicer girl win instead then this show will deserve some extra praise just for that lulz.