Asa Made Jugyo Chu! fanservice compilation

GoHands is an amazing company.  This, THIS, came bundled with a manga!?  Two years later and the aforementioned fourth manga volume still hasn’t been scanned, probably because everyone that bought it was too busy fapping to this incredible OVA to do anything else.


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Series Information


Production Company:  GoHands

Vintage:  June 2012

Nipple sightings from other GoHands produced anime:  Princess Lover!, Mardock Scramble (movies)

Other notable / recently relevant mainstream anime from GoHands:  Seitokai Yakuindomo, K, Coppelion


Notable Seiyuu:


Azumi Asakura as Ayana Kakinozaka


Azumi Asakura is also well known for her role as:



Thoughts on the anime


It was (perhaps) a brief flash in the pan, but from the summer of 2012 to the summer of 2013, it seemed like every fringe ecchi manga was getting a one episode anime OVA to bundle in it’s latest manga volume release.  This was obviously a very welcome development for fans of nude ecchi, even if the production values were more in line with hentai than televised anime.

Of all those bonus OVA efforts, none came even close to being as well executed as Asa Made Jugyo Chu!, which makes sense given that the other OVAs were made by small time companies.  This anime was handled by the Satelight spinoff company GoHands, which is well regarded both for their art levels and character design style.  Sure, GoHands may not have a resume that leaps off the page, but there is no doubting the quality of their work.  Any time GoHands gets involved with an ecchi project, it’s worth being excited about.

The most important thing to know about this anime is that it was helped made possible by the artist Munyu, who did all the art and character design for Ladies versus Butlers: the novel, manga, and TV series, all of it.  Munyu has a special talent for making plus sized girls look insanely attractive / erotic, and this OVA does nothing to buck that trend.

The story is standard ecchi fare.  Everything that happens in the story is just an excuse to see each of the girls naked, with Ayana basically taking the somewhat maternal role as the protagonist’s life-chaperone.  She- in an oddly believable way- convinces herself that she needs to use her smoking hot body to relieve Yuki’s burgeoning sexual frustrations, which surely must be detracting from his ability to concentrate at school.    Of course, as hot girl after hot girl throw themselves at this little-kid looking Yuki, her outreach becomes totally unnecessary, but of course continues on regardless.

While the art looks great, the music and voice acting cast feels like a skeleton crew, undermining what is a visually gorgeous OVA.  But for the purposes of a fanservice compilation, you would trade sound and voice acting for art any day of the week.

Though it was just a single OVA, it was packed with nudity.  And this isn’t just your standard uncensored voyeur style fanservice either.  No, this anime had exaggerated, over the top levels of nudity which at times approached Xebec levels.  The bath house scene in particular was pretty damn amazing.

As good as this OVA was, the manga is even better, or at least more daring (not very many ecchi manga draw buttholes).  Munyu draws the art for the Manga, and given the fact that the Ladies vs. Butlers manga is non-nude, that makes the Asa Made Jugyo Chu! manga a must-read.  Did I mention the manga has buttholes?  Munyu’s work pushes my perv button more than just about anyone else.  One of these days, I’ll get around to an FC for this manga.  It will be a good day.


Thoughts on the fanservice video


Basically, this video is just a condensation of an already fapable OVA.  And lets be honest, that is the only reason this OVA was made, so why not take something great and make it even better?

I made this video right around the same time I made the first Queen’s Blade FC.  So there’s a lot of similar methodology in the edit, such as using “moonbeams” to illuminate oppai in those dark rooms.


Favorite Character


Patricia Benpouin is fucking unreal, like a hotter version of Selnia lori Flameheart from Ladies versus Butlers.  Tragically, she never appears in the anime OVA, so I guess the next best thing would be Risa Takabane, who mixes sass with bouncy oppai.