Ragnastrike Angels – Fanservice Review (1-12)

Actually, Ragnastrike Angels is more of an advertisement of a mobile game than an anime… A game where you kill big bad mechas with giant warrior girls… 12 episodes each has 30 seconds but the art is really good for this kind of thing and it’s full of fanservice(Nothing but fanservice in fact)… You probably dont even need to watch the real thing after checking out this post because i covered almost everything… You can still watch …

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Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? – Fanservice Review – Episodes 4&5

Netoge episodes 4 and 5 were full of Netoge things as usual… It was hilarious, heartwarming romance was still there, girls were as curvy & cute as usual, there were all kinds of weird camera angles, Ako was still weird & cute & daring… Ako’s first love rival revealed in this episode, from her perspective at least…   Cute date montage is cute… Would like to see a doujin of this too… For lulz… She knows what she …

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Hentai Reviews – Fall 2015 Season – Part 3 (Hardcore stuff)

Let me warn you again, this post contains NTR, Rape, Tentacles monsters, Mind Break, Incest, BDSM… Post gradually gets more hardcore…. Anoko to Iikoto Tags: Big Boobs,Blow Job,Boob Job,Creampie,Facial,Licking,Public Sex,School Girl,Vanilla,Virgin,X-ray,Foot Job,Incest,Tsundere Producers: Mary Jane Source: Manga Episodes: 2/2 First episode is usual Vanilla sex with a tsundere girl,they are cute together and i like the “plot” development in this episode…Heroine’s boobs grow in time and add spice to the episode… Second episode is femdom/incest,has some really good …

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Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? – Fanservice Review – Episodes 1-3

Sorry for not being around lately, to make it up i am here to do FR of Netoge, one of my favorite anime this season…It is a great romcom with lots of Fanservice (AND don’t forget Hisasi’s art)…Also, correct me if i’m wrong but this is the only romance show of the season for the heterosexual males ::/ First of all let me warn you tho, there is a difference between “an anime with fanservice” and …

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Hanasaku Iroha (BD) – Fanservice Review Part 1 (1-13)

I had nothing else to watch from Winter season so i’ve been watching Hanasaku Iroha lately… It surprisingly had a good amount of fanservice so i thought i should make a Fanservice Review for it… Now that i think about it, i guess it was not that surprising considering it is focused on three teenage girls working at an inn though… Hanasaku Iroha is a SOL anime with a little bit of yuri bait,fanservice,drama and comedy…Main character …

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Cupid’s Chocolates – Fanservice Review Episodes 7-11

I am glad i found this anime, especially this season with close to zero ecchi anime… Even though it won’t have nudity and Chineese voices sound weird at first, it still delivers a good amount of fanservice and comedy… Good harem/ecchi to kill some time…Also apparently there is an ongoing Japanese fandub project… Previously on Aishen Qiaokeli-ing…    During an interesting adventure we don’t know yet, our Chineese MC and his soon-to-be harem somehow eats a …

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