Ayakashi Triangle Episodes 07-08 Fanservice Review

A little bit of service in episodes 7 and 8, though less than you would expect.


Episode 07



Episode 08



My Thoughts:


These episodes continue a depressing trend of the anime featuring significantly less nudity than the manga, which itself had significantly less nudity than To Love-Ru.  The end result is something with even less service and art quality than Tsugumomo. In the manga pages above, you can see how the nudity is basically cut 100% from the anime in that scene.  In other shows you might speculate redraws but the whole scene is changed pretty massively, plus they would show censorship if they intended nudity there. There are trace amounts of nudity in other scenes, but yeah… this sucks.

The good news is that the pace finally picked up, with the story jumping from volume two of the manga to volume four pretty much instantly. There are only 4 episodes left, but there is some decent hope that the series could make it into volumes five and six, which is where the fanservice in the manga starts to pick up.  Then again, there is a substantial chance of an anime original ending in the last 2 episodes which shortens the runway quite a bit. I guess we’ll see.  Hopefully they cover as much ground as possible, then later release some fanservice-heavy OVAs after the show is over.  I’m not super optimistic though. This is late in the game to save things.