Ayakashi Triangle Fanservice Compilation

Boy/Girl on Girl Action



Ayakashi Triangle was one of the last ecchi manga that ran in the main magazine for Weekly Shounen Jump that showed nipples. Unfortunately about halfway through its publication it was removed from the main magazine and put in the online portion. While this isn’t that much of a problem considering there are other ecchi manga published there like Mato Seihei no Slave, it seems like this was largely done for business reasons as the original publisher Viz seems to have had the property swept out from under them by Seven Seas. This was also likely done to “clean up” the magazine for more lobotomizing titles like Jujutsu Kaisen style battle shounen.

As for the anime production itself it is rather mid. This is pretty sad considering it is illustrated by the great Kentaro Yabuki, formerly the illustrator for the To Love Ru series that also ran in the main magazine for Weekly Shounen Jump. The nipples show that there needs to be proper lighting and shading work done otherwise they end up looking like week old dried out pieces of ham. However, some guys will fap to anything so that’s probably not an obstacle.

A few screenshots of Matsuri finding out about the big new bazongas, before letting gravity do its work and letting them hang. Unfortunately with the glacial pacing of the show it’s pretty much all Matsuri fanservice. A hypothetical season 2 (which will likely never happen) would lewd the other girls a lot more.

I guess you could call the above screenshot censorship even though it’s not. It’s a misguided attempt to emulate the manga. Unfortunately, it looks god awful in implementation.

And here is where we finally get some good service of Suzu, Lucy, and Yayoi. Unfortunately Yayoi gets the least amount of attention, but we do still get to see her buck naked. Also Lucy’s booty gets a significant boost in the anime.

Reo and Lucy are tied for this stretch of what the show shows. There is no good reason why Matsuri shouldn’t let Reo just have her way.

These two shots were redrawn for the blu-ray release. While this almost never happens sometimes good things do happen.

And we get one last shot of Suzu washing her pussy before the show ends. The last of the non-Matsuri fanservice for this show.

Another one of the issues in the anime production is its glacial pacing where it only gets to chapter 27 of the manga. A huge shame considering that so many new girls are introduced after the end point and the fanservice gets better. However, I did think the music and Miyu Tomita’s portrayal of Matsuri were pretty good.