Blood Lad TV Episode 1-5 Fanservice Review

vampires, zombies, hourglass body hotties oh my

I often watch ecchi anime on 2x speed expecting the non-lewd segments to be uninteresting. This tends to work out as modern shows sabotage themselves by telling a long winded flat narrative that no one in the audience gives a fuck about. Recently, Jet Girls fell victim to this.

Blood Lad isn’t that kind of deal. More concerned about creating excuses to throw eye catches of thicc girls in the viewers face and telling self deprecating jokes than selling some manufactured drama. Bell and Fuyumi are cute anime waifus with perfect physiques and big ass moe eyes. Blood Lad does okay in showing off their gifts wherever applicable. Especially Bell.

No, there isn’t any nudity. No, there isn’t any intimacy. That’s why the show is being covered in five episode increments, of which there is enough content for a worthwhile review. There will be one more post from this to wrap up the series.

Opening Sequence

Episode 1

If you are someone that wants to know what Blood Lad is actually about – first, MAL. Then my half assed synopsis – a lazy otaku vampire finds a human ghost girl that got lost and died in the demon world. He promptly uses her as an excuse to visit the human world and buy weeb merchandise under the guise of bringing her back to life as soon as possible.  Funny premise that has delivered so far.

The triangle on her head is supposed to be an indication that she is deceased, I guess.

There isn’t much to Fuyomi as a character other than what you see in the media above and below. And that’s good enough.

Episode 2

Bell is pretty much the reason I thought of watching this show. Blonde with huge tits, check. Not shy about flaunting her body, check. Weird ass personality that makes her endearing, bullseye.

Episode 3

It was here that I realized how similar the designs look to Mob Psycho.

In case you’re wondering what Bell is doing with her hands – she can look into different dimensions through a remote portal. Abuses this power quite a bit.

Episode 4

Random observation after making this stitch – Bell’s nails are painted. A detail you don’t see very often from anime girls.

Bell has a particular interest in the lead character, Staz, because of his hidden strength. In other words she wants to fuck him. Predictable as to how that turns out.

As is tradition, Staz the virgin MC of an ecchi anime cannot handle the erotic charm of a fully developed teenage girl all alone in her bedroom. He cowers in fear. Bell calls him a pussy and taunts.

Episode 5

This is Staz’s little sister. She is technically the loli representative of the show, but isn’t intended to be an object of fanservice at all if the first five episodes are any indication. It appears Blood Lad does draw a line at loli service.

I’d be lying if I said I knew what the context for this scene even was. Maybe something to bring her back from a state of unconsciousness, but it’s obviously intended to resemble a penis and used for fanservice.

Ending Sequence


I’m watching Blood Lad for the first time here, so not sure what the next five episodes hold nor what the Blu Ray extras contain. Hopefully the service continues there and even gets stronger in a potential beach episode. Does the demon world even have beaches? Guess we’ll find out.

What I know for sure that Blood Lad has no nudity or intimacy. Which for many here means the show is worthless. But consider me one of those who finds appeal in female designs that are busting out of their barely fitting clothing, even if it never does break.

As mentioned before, really dig the aesthetic for this show. There were a number of quality stitches pulled from the five episodes that’ll be worth archiving for later use. Vampire stories aren’t usually my thing but T&A can convert anything into gold.

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