Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai fanservice compilation

It’s hard to think of many nude ecchi anime to achieve more critical success than Haganai , one of the rare instances of a show being as popular with Type-A fans as Type-B.


Torrent:  Nyaa

DDL [1080p]:  part1, part2

DDL [720p]:  part1, part2


This compilation covers both seasons.


Series Information


Production Company:  AIC Build

Vintage:  Fall 2011, Winter 2013


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Notable Seiyuu:


Kanae Ito as Sena Kashiwazaki


Kanae Ito is also well known for her roles as:

Nana DevilukeAiriErisKanon Kanase


Marina Inoue as Yozora Mikazuki

Yozora Mikazuki

Marina Inoue is also well known for her roles as:

YokoRei MiyamotoChiffon FairchildRebecca-Randall


Kana Hanazawa as Kobato Hasegawa
Kana Hanazawa is also well known for her roles as:



Misato Fukuen as Rika Shiguma


Misato Fukuen is also well known for her roles as:



Yuka Iguchi as Maria Takayama


Yuka Iguchi is also well known for her roles as:



Thoughts on the anime


It feels like an eternity since I watched this show, even though it was only three years ago.  It seems hard to believe that I was watching the anime around the same time that I was crafting the first videos for this site.

I haven’t re-watched since then, but my recollection of this series is that it was genuinely funny which made it all the more refreshing in an era where humor is often lazy, meme-based and random.  True, a lot of the jokes were re-used and sophomoric, but that’s what humor is often like in an actual high school, so it was easy to give some of the flaws a pass.  This was one of the few high school anime I’ve watched that actually created High School nostalgia for me.

I liked this show a lot.  It’s not a masterpiece, but it was funny and they got me to care about the characters and the plotlines.

It’s really a shame that the final episode of season two was such a trainwreck.  I figured it wouldn’t matter since season three was sure to be just around the corner, but as of yet no season three has happened, and the mediocre sales of season two suggest it won’t.

But even with a few flaws and that “it’s not for everyone” caveat, I thought Haganai  was a big success and a reminder that raunchy comedies can still be mainstream success stories.  This series is one of just a handful of nude-ecchi shows that I can recommend watching for more than just the T ‘n A.

Haganai was one of the last anime to be produced by AIC before the company vanished into anonymity two years ago.  AIC was such a big company that it had split into eight subdivisions, combining for about roughly five anime TV series produced per year.  In 2013, AIC produced nine TV series.  In 2014, they produced just one: a Tenchi Muyo short episode series called Ai Tenchi Muyo!  This series was paid for by a Japanese city to promote tourism.  In 2015, AIC produced no TV series.

This is more than a little strange.  AIC has been around since 1982 and have produced a number of iconic anime.  And the year before they disappeared from heading production –  2013 – was actually their biggest year ever.

Their website and twitter haven’t posted updates since 2014.  I’ve seen them credited in assistant work occasionally, for example they assisted with a handful of episodes in Triage X , so I know they aren’t totally dead.  But still, it’s weird seeing one of the bigger anime companies seemingly disappear without a peep.


Favorite Character



Sena’s airheaded antics were fun, Maria was cute, Rika provided laughs, and Yukimura was the best trap character ever until proven to not be a trap at all.  But Kobato feels like the biggest icon from this show to me.  She took the cute imouto archetype to a new level, and brought some laughs along with it.

A special thanks to Cuye Meyers for his assistance on compiling this project.