Brave Witches fanservice review episode 01

We return to the Strike Witches Universe!

Moe girls running around in their underwear… What more could you ask for?

Well.., we could ask for more gratuitous ass shots… Honestly. I’ll do my best to recap anything remotely ecchi, but I have to leave some imagery out due to it simply not at all being visually appealing. ie: this

Also, there has been an unfortunate change to this universe. The CGI has begun taking over. It’s no longer just ships and snippets of battle scenes. It’s began controlling the girls. But worst of all. It’s becoming the pantsu… Which means less of this:


And well… Stuff like this:vlcsnap-2016-10-07-03h50m33s547_640x

But anyways. Time to begin the ecchi recap. Which will start with the OP.vlcsnap-2016-10-07-03h42m25s776vlcsnap-2016-10-07-03h45m16s843vlcsnap-2016-10-07-03h45m20s766vlcsnap-2016-10-07-03h47m49s637vlcsnap-2016-10-07-03h48m36s216vlcsnap-2016-10-07-03h48m53s094vlcsnap-2016-10-07-03h49m07s060vlcsnap-2016-10-07-03h50m33s547Now that you’ve seen the cgi pantsu complaint from earlier, there is still some good news. Like the kemonomimi transformations that come with a nice closeup!vlcsnap-2016-10-07-03h54m32s156output_lxdif1vlcsnap-2016-10-07-03h55m02s659vlcsnap-2016-10-07-03h55m08s218vlcsnap-2016-10-07-03h56m20s851vlcsnap-2016-10-07-03h56m52s773vlcsnap-2016-10-07-03h59m17s553vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h04m46s117vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h05m24s481This is where things start to fall off more than usual in my concerns.

Though, I have only seen the BD’s from Strike Witches and Strike Witches 2, I do believe that there was censorship covering any real nude fanservice, but here all we get is convenient censorship, which leads to some of those concerns.

It still looks “nice”, as in it’s well animated. But it’s very unfortunate to see PG13 service.vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h12m26s744vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h12m35s321vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h12m42s860vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h12m48s751vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h13m03s025vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h13m29s222vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h13m31s774vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h13m34s768vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h13m39s600vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h13m46s991vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h14m16s433vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h14m22s964vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h15m12s720vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h15m17s120But hey, I might be entirely wrong. 😀 Am I weird for wanting fog and light beams?vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h17m09s743^This is the best frame from my earliest complaint. I’ll still include it because it’s good enough, but future animation like this will probably not make it into the review.vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h19m54s084vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h20m19s058vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h22m42s630vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h39m01s899vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h41m29s126vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h42m32s776vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h43m28s063vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h43m36s886Aaaaand for the credits.vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h49m34s818vlcsnap-2016-10-07-04h49m37s917vlcsnap-2016-10-07-07h10m10s775Yep. That’s all. Most of the ending consisted of Hikari running in place. :3

Though there was a cute bird that showed up.vlcsnap-2016-10-07-07h14m21s515