Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism Fanservice Review Episode 2

Loli kohais wanna get in on the action too…

To look back at what happened in the last episode… click here. Story-wise, this is what happened: MC fights one of the members of the Supreme Five Swords (who wears an oni mask and is known for her lack of mercy), defeating her, and in the process, stealing her first kiss and breaking half of her mask.

Rin (the oni girl) is unable to attend school because of her fever, which was a consequence of her battle with the MC. The MC decides to pay her a visit, and due to a misunderstanding, is forced to battle an underclassman of Rin (the girl that caused the accidental kiss between Rin and the MC), who acts like Rin’s friend/sidekick. The sidekick/underclassman/”sister” of one of the other Supreme Five Swords members joins in the battle.Don’t you just hate it when litle girls start lashing at you with whps and assaulting you with batons?

Episode 2 (Credits to ScissorMeTimbers):

Episode 2 stitches (Credits to ScissorMeTimbers):

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UPDATE (01/11/19): Album link

Looks like the MC is now being targeted by another member of the Supreme Five Swords, Kikakujou Mary. She’s pretty curvaceous, as seen from the stitches, so it’ll be fun to see more of her. My current favorite is Rin. She’s so adorable, and seeing her be abashed is something I seem to find sexy (along with the unbuttoned pajamas). ‘Till next time!