Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism Fanservice Review Episode 3

Does the MC finally get laid? Click here to find out!

We’re back to another episode of Armed Girls (I like the Japanese name more, simply because of the last word). Last episode, the MC fought two girls, beat them, and in the process, accidentally made it look like he was molesting them. Not the best way to work towards a peaceful student life, but hey, it was an act of self-defense, so who can blame him? That panty show was purely an act of nature itself. Let’s get started!

Episode 3 (credits to ScissorMeTimbers for most of the media):

Damn fog… this is why we can’t have nice things.

It’s not every day you get to be brutally beaten by bamboo sticks while hanging above a bucket of water, just inches from being possibly submerged in water by either being lowered by one of your captors or from the rope ripping under your own weight (assuming the rope has been used multiple times), with no means to escape if you’re submerged as you slowly suffocate and the oxygen deprivation gets to you, causing you to inhale water in your instinctive, yet ineffective response to breathe in oxygen. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so get it while you it lasts! And if you still aren’t convinced, just look at that expression of ecstasy on that penguin! He clearly knew what he was getting himself into! Only problem is finding high school girls that are willing to be your captors.

…yeah, I didn’t like the mask too much either. She looks better without it. Or at least just with the top-half.


 I hope they get rid of the light beams in the BDs. Can’t believe they’d censor something so petty smh. The fans deserve this!

Jeez, that guy must be hung. Apparently his girth is pretty large too. Talk about gifted.

That now confirms two anime this season I’m aware of with female student minors saying the D word.

Those gloves seem to be made out of kevlar (a synthetic fiber of high tensile strength used especially as a reinforcing agent in the manufacture of tires and other rubber products and protective gear such as helmets and vests). I’m pretty sure kevlar wouldn’t be as effective as shown in the image above (depending on who’s wielding the sword).

Nice choice of words there. Heh…

Funny how she’s trying to provoke him to molest her. It’s almost like she wants him to…


Episode 3 stitches (credits to ScissorMeTimbers for most of the media):

Wow, she’s thicc. She’s not only top heavy, but bottom heavy as well. Lovely!




And some non-fanservice webms I made for fun:


I apologize for not being able to provide webms for this episode. The torrent providers I usually rely on for the media files for this series have a downside to their torrents, and that downside is that the media files they provide don’t seem to work very well with editing software or programs for making webms (e.g. shotcut, WebM For Retards/Bakas), possibly due to the way that it’s encoded. I tried other torrents, but they came out with the same result. Long story short, the webms I tried to make came out in terrible quality no matter what I did, so I decided to wait for the BDs to come out before I try making webms.

UPDATE (01/11/19): Album Link
I finally made the Webms. And BOY are they beautiful. I have both 720p and 1080p webms in the album (the latter contains less/no fog in the bath scenes). So now we can appreciate those ass shots in their full glory. And I can feel complete in having made that particularly annoying webm I was looking to make as perfect as I could (the first one with background characters). It’s not that many webms, but there’s still some good scenes regardless. Cheers!

It seems there’s no end to the battles, and with it, the fanservice. This show seems to have a rather interesting cast, too. They make for some rather fun interactions. Not to mention the comedy keeps me entertained as well. The MC now has two out of the five stamps needed to leave the premises of the school. Maybe he’ll catch a break from the rest of the Supreme Five Swords. And hopefully, he’ll further his relationship with one (or both) of the Supreme Five Swords who’ve decided to supervise him.

‘Till Next Time!