(C80) Marvelous Grace (Tateha) – Pink Floral Scans

Time for a real treat for Dogs,er, Dog Days fans!

Another artbook that just happened to catch my eye.  Mainly because I’m a long-time Dog Days fan.  I’ve known about Tateha’s Dog Days fanart for quite a while and it is some of the best that I have seen showing off the Dog Days girls in their au naturel beauty including nipples!

So when I came across pools of Tateha’s Dog Days artbooks, I just had to put together artbook compilations for each one.  Had to.  (C80) Marvelous Grace (Tateha) – Pink Floral is the first of four pools (to date).

Tateha (Marvelous Grace) is a hentai artist (circle) that seems to have worked for Circus on VNs (including Da Capo and more) until 2014 or so.  They have also done some of the best fanart for Dog Days that I have seen.  A Google TL of their Wikipedia.ja page said this: “A gorgeous style is characteristic, and he draws works that are particular about animal ears and breasts.”  No kidding!  Since 2014, it seems that they have mostly focused on doujinshi artbooks but sadly no new Dog Days artbooks so far.

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Any and all information on Tateha (Marvelous Grace) , especially recent information, would be greatly appreciated!

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Anyway, please enjoy the scans of (C80) Marvelous Grace (Tateha) – Pink Floral as found on yande.re.

For the sake of faster page loads, I only uploaded the JPG versions.  If you would prefer the PNG versions, you can find them in the yande.re pool.  Just be warned that if you try to download more than 2 PNGs at a time, you might get banned.

Please feel free to add your favorite Tateha (Marvelous Grace) scans to the comments.  And please leave a comment if there are other artbooks that you would like to see a blog post on.