(C94) [ETERNAL LAND (6U☆)] Favo! Summer II (Various) Scans

Saekano girls with nipples?  Nice to visit this isekai again…

Another artbook that just happened to catch my eye.  To wit, Saekano girls with nudity!  (Saekano girls are so hot with or without clothes…)  Same for Fate Grand Order and Go-Toubun no Hanayome girls too…

This time it’s a doujin artbook called Favo! Summer II aka (C94) [ETERNAL LAND (6U☆)] Favo! Summer II (Various) on yande.re.

Not a lot of scans, but 25% of them have nipples.

I don’t know much about this artist.  On most booru, the artist is listed as 6u (Eternal Land) where 6u seems to be the artist/writer and Eternal Land seems to be the circle.

If you know more about this artbook or artist please do leave a comment.

Interesting enough, there’s actually a Favo! Summer I aka (C92) [ETERNAL LAND (6U☆)] Favo! Summer (よろず) but there are no nipples in any of the images.

Anyway, please enjoy the scans of (C94) [ETERNAL LAND (6U☆)] Favo! Summer II (Various) as found on yande.re.


For the sake of faster page loads, I only uploaded the JPG versions.  If you would prefer the PNG versions, you can find them in the yande.re pool.  Just be warned that if you try to download more than 2 PNGs at a time, you might get banned.

Please feel free to add your favorite 6u (Eternal Land) scans to the comments.  And please leave a comment if there are other artbooks that you would like to see a blog post on.