Val x Love Fanservice Review Episode 03

This week is the Mutsumi’s time to shine.



Overall thoughts:


This episode covers chapters six and seven, skipping over chapter five (for the moment).

The good news is that it looks very likely that there will be nudity on BD yet again this week.  It’s good to see the series maximizing what it has in the early chapters of the manga which tended to be less ecchi than the latter chapters.  At this point I’m expecting all 12 episodes to end up with nudity on BD.

Anime-wise, the viewer ratings dip further and further each week and I think it is somewhat justified.  The main character is probably the worst harem master of all time.  He’s ugly, obnoxious, and just doesn’t think or act in any way that is relatable whatsoever.  And even then he might be fine, if he were charming or funny, but he isn’t.  His harem is decently sexy, but the girls all have very basic archetypal personalities, even by the low standards of the genre.  The closest I’ve gotten to caring about any of the characters is the MC’s mom.  And she’s dead.

Service-wise, the show doesn’t seem to be missing any opportunities yet which is nice.  But I am starting to get a little concerned by the pacing.  They won’t make it to the really good parts of volume six unless they start picking it up soon.  That said, Dome x Kano covered about half the ground it needed in maybe three episodes earlier this year.  Compared to that, having this series pick up a little extra ground is nothing.

Based on the next episode trailer, it looks like next week will cover chapters five and maybe eight.