Campione! Fanservice Review Episodes 11-12

Last girl to join the harem appears and a familiar god returns in this week review!

Character Info

Ena Seishuiin: Last girl of the harem, a Hime-miko just like Mariya, she carries the Ama no Murakumo sword that was used by Susanoo in the past.

Susanoo: Former heretic god and Ena’s “Grandpa”.




Episode 11

Ena is introduced, she talking with Mariya about Godou.

Lili is now fully integrated as Godou’s knight.

Godou meets Ena, she ask him if Mariya and Lili are his friends.

Godou’s answer was a bit cold leaving Mariya and Liliana upset.

Short pool scene, Lili has such a great body.

I wanted to see more of Erica in sukumizu =(

Erica asks Godou’s sister to see if she can have a date with her borther, she somehow agrees.

A Lingerie shop is a great place to start the date.

Nice boobs *.*

Not bad but i prefer the white one.

Date is finished and Ena appears…

Erica doesn’t trust her because of that sword and a fight starts.

After a brief battle Ena sends Godou to an unknown place.


Episode 12

Godou is with Susanoo, they talk about Ena and how some God seems to be making a movement.

Athena is at Godou’s house but she seems to have forgotten who she is and only remembers Godou.

Meanwhile Ena and Erica battle continues.

Ena’s sword seems to have fully possessed her.

Weird ass shot.

Just in time!

Loli Athena is just so cute.

Erica is dying!

Last kiss? 😔

Godou is gonna use the last of Verethragna’s authorities to save Erica.

That’s a lewd way of using an authoritiy!

Who can say no to that face?

Not bad Godou, you sure learned a lot.

Blank boobs but still an amazing shot .😍

Erica now has “Godou’s power” inside her.

It could be their reaction from what happened in the scene above but they are just surprised because someone appears in front of them.

Ena appears again to ruin the romantic moment or better said the Ama no Murakumo appears again.

I don’t know the reason why she’s naked but i’m not complaining.

Saving her should be easy.

Nice body Ena has.

I wonder what are those drops, anyway she looks so cute.  😋

Such a fine ass.

Still scared of a naked girl? 😔

Kissing him already? Ena doesn’t lose time.

They reunite with Maria and Lili just to see another guest came to the party.

Another Athena?







Ena was introduced a bit late but i really liked her personality, too bad she didn’t get that much screen time. Erica and Godou scene was one of the best of the whole series, some really nice kisses right there. The cliffhanger with apparently another Athena appearing at the end was nice, next review will be the last one.





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