Chained Soldier to get sneak peak airing at Anime NYC

Hopefully we hear good things!


Earlier this month it was reported that Chained Soldier (aka Mato Seihei no Slave) was licensed in North America by HIDIVE (the official streaming service of Sentai Filmworks). I don’t pay super close attention to things like licensing and financials, but the reaction to this news seems to generally be optimistic / hopeful in terms of getting ecchi content. There are many nude ecchi licensed by this company, even including the mighty To Love-Ru series.

There was one other piece of news with the announcement that was intriguing…



It’s somewhat uncommon for anime to have early airing sneak peak episodes, however it is something we’ve seen before with nude ecchi anime series on occasion. Many of the latter Ikkitousen OVAs had early airings on AT-X before releasing on BD. Shinmai Maou no Testament Departures had a theatrical airing before a BD release. I am pretty sure there were ecchi TV series that had sneak peaks but I can’t remember any at the moment.

The fact that this sneak peak is happening at a US anime convention is interesting. From what I understand, Anime NYC has aired uncensored nude ecchi anime in the past (So I Can’t Play H) so it’s not like they are too prudish to air this, on the chance it delivers what we hope for.

For those unfamiliar, the series is one of the more fanservice and nudity heavy manga to get an anime adaptation of the last few years. Normally, this would be a guarantee of a nude service anime, but with the series having a mild “studio Trigger” vibe, and the fact that the author (Takahiro) has at least so far had all the nudity scrubbed from his anime projects, has some people worried that Chained Soldier could be another Val x Love situation where we are robbed of an all-time great ecchi series in favor of a watered down normie anime without any nudity.

I honestly have no idea but I am somewhat optimistic, since outside of Val x Love, there really hasn’t been a series with so much nudity that was non-nude in the anime. The fact that they are having an early airing as a way to generate buzz seems like a good indicator too.

It’s probably unlikely that these two episodes will be leaked, but hopefully some in attendance give a report of what they see, and report good things!