Change 123 manga fanservice compilation


Change 123 is a fun martial arts styled ecchi manga based around the idea of a heroine who not only possesses split personalities, but who changes bodies with those personalities and who’s combat prowess changes with each form.  It is just a little reminiscent of Battle Vixens (aka Ikkitousen) (some split personality aspects, martial arts, nudity, graphic violence), except with a higher emphasis on comedy.

And of course with every personality change we get a body change too, meaning there are four unique bodies to get naked with.

Unlike some ecchi series that just throw boobs in your face, Change 123 strikes a nice balance between nudity and quality non-nude fanservice.  A typical volume might only have five or six panels with nudity, but they do a good job of teasing the reader and building up anticipation so that even ho-hum nude panels have impact.

A fun read that I would recommend if you like martial arts ecchi manga.


Change 123   (4 volumes, ongoing)



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