Choujin Koukousei TV Fanservice Review: Episode 4

And that’s what I call a night of action and fanservice!! (^_^)/

Hello everyone!! Welcome back to another episode of Choyoyu fanservice review. Aside from action, there were also lots of fanservice found in this episode. (^_^)

After Lyrule was kidnapped by Inzagi, she was forced to become a concubine for Marquis Findolf’s concubine in exchange for the lives of Elm Village. (She shouldn’t believe in Inzagi’s words since he already burned down the villager which means he doesn’t cared bout their lives) But those are really some bad-ass and so I cut them out of this review as much as possible. XD

A mysterious magic protects her when her when Findolf tries to kiss her. He was enraged about it and ties her up. Meanwhile, the Elm villagers was resolved to rescue Lyrule from the hands of Findolf despite the consequences. Hence, Tsukasa and the Prodigies help the Elm Villagers rescue Lyrule even if it means starting a revolution to overthrow the Freyjagard Empire and make it a modern democratic nation with advanced technology which will completely change the world.

Once everything is ready, the Elm villagers charge into Findolf’s castle to fight the soldiers there while Shinobu leads Tsukasa sneaking into the castle to rescue Lyrule.

With the help of the prodigies, it was an easy victory for the Elm villagers.  While Shinobu holds off Inzagi, Tsukasa enters Findolf’s room where Lyrule is tied up but Tsukasa was shot by Findolf’s flintlock pistol. However, Tsukasa survives unhurt thanks to his suit being made of bulletproof fibers and takes out his own handgun pointing at Findolf.

Findolf begs for his life but Tsukasa shots him down with a rubber bullet instead since the prodigies actions and ideas have already made them enemies of the Empire and they will not stop until the revolution to make it a democratic nation where everyone has a say of their opinions and shares a responsibility for the nation is achieved. (It may sound nice for now, but it usually won’t turn out as what they’ve said after they won the election) Anyway, will be looking forward in how the story progress too.

A mysterious being later uses Lyrule body to tell Tsukasa and the prodigies that they must save the continent before it disappears. After that, everyone was seen celebrating because the rescue operation is a success and the villagers is able to defeat the Findolf’s army.

In overall, the prodigies abilities is too exaggerated but it is good seeing them helping the villagers to fight back on the people who oppressed them and its good that the nobles got punished for what they’ve done. Hopefully the fanservice can get better and better. That’s all for the fanservice review for this episode and we hoped you all are enjoying the fanservice of this anime too!! Thanks for reading everyone!! (^_^)v