Choujin Koukousei TV Fanservice Review: Episode 6

Having onsen with girls makes learning more effective!!  (^_^)b

Hello everyone!! Welcome back to another episode of fanservice review of the High School Prodigies anime!! (^^)/ The episode continues with the political developments of the local town while the other prodigies are having a break at the villages except for Tsukasa to continue working on developing the town.

Winona’s dad surely missed out on a lot of things happening during his coma. Anyway, its good seeing him recovering well during Keine’s check up. Meanwhile, Lyrule finds Tsukasa distancing himself from her as she wanted to thank him properly after saving her.

So, Lyrule went to Tsukasa’s office and confronted him late at night. After some explanation, the two of them seemed to be getting closer. The incident was witnessed by Ringo and she was obviously jealous about it. XD (That Mamako’s facial expression, but too bad she doesn’t have the figure like Mamako which could give her the upper hand of the situation)

The story development was then shifted to the village where Akatsuki, Aoi and Keine went to the bathhouse and Roo was there too where she’s having trouble with multiplication.

After some advice from the prodigies, Roo finally overcomes the struggles of multiplication which is by using her imagination. I’m sure the onsen could help in some ways since she couldn’t overcome it until she bathed together with the prodigies. XD

As soon as Roo passed the multiplication test given by Masato, she was left dejected as there’s an upcoming division test for her where she keeps on imagine her money keeps disappearing. Well, hopefully there will be another onsen scene again to help Roo overcoming her problems in math. (^^)b After the ending credits, Shinobu and Elk discovers something during their investigation. (Which tells something about the story for the next episode)

That’s all for the fanservice review for this episode of Choujin Koukousei anime. (It’s good that we get to see some nudes in the onsen but sadly there’s no nips delivered like Shinchou Yuusha does) Anyway, we hoped you all are still enjoying the story and the fanservice of this anime too. (^^)/ It was concluded that whenever we encounter a problem with maths, we could solve it by going to the onsen or maybe even watch an onsen like some onsen fanservice as well. (Because who knows we could get an understanding from there like Roo does) XD Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone and please stay tuned for the upcoming episodes of this anime!! (^^)v

Webm Ablum