Christmas week blu-ray release round-up


It’s been a busy week for ecchi.  Interestingly, there isn’t a single anime BD release, new or old, from Dec. 28th all the way to January 8th.  Here’s a quick look at the notable blu-ray releases from the past week or so.


Yuushibu (vol.1):


This is probably the most anticipated BD release of them all, as Yuushibu relied heavily on clever/subtle censorship throughout it’s TV run meaning a boatload of sexy changes are coming on blu-ray.

Update:  Aisle H breaks it down.  Though those uncensored titty closeups look incredible, I’m still pretty disappointed that the her mesh remained opaque in that first scene.  Companies like TNK would never miss an opportunity like that.


Outbreak Company (vol. 1):


Not expecting nudity here, though volume two has a decent chance to deliver.  The anime is by feel. who previously did Mayo Chiki, So I can’t play H and Yosuga no Sora.  Mayo Chiki proved they aren’t afraid of putting a lone nude scene in an anime.  I guess we’ll see what they do here.


Haganai Next (vol. 6):


A very good anime, though unfortunately this release date has become irrelevant for the purposes of this site.


Unbreakable Machine Doll (vol.1):


Are BD specials hoping for too much?  If you are desperate, there is an option to find out.

Update:  UMD does indeed come with BD specials, though the first of them was fanservice free.  Sometimes anime series only insert nudity here and there with their disc specials, so it’s worth following future editions to see what they do.


FREEZING Vibration (vol.1):


Thankfully some kind soul got the first BD special out with haste, but the full release of the first volume might take a little longer.  Unfortunately, it appears there have been zero changes from the ATX version, even the overly steamy shower scenes remain overly steamy.

Update:  Just got my hands on the full BD rip.  Look for that ATX 1-12 release sometime in the next week or so.


High School DXD New (vol.4):


I’ve been watching this one like a hawk.  Volume three took a while to get ripped, so I’m guessing this one might take a while too.


Infinite Stratos 2 (vol.2):


Volume one added roughly 15 minutes of new content but didn’t service us the way we wanted.  Will volume two step up to the plate?


Walkure Romanze (vol.1):


This is a big one.  8-bit is going the “draw in” nipples route making their added nudity harder to predict.  A show like this has an above average chance of having BD specials as well.

Update:  No specials.  : (


Misc. Notes:


Jojo’s Bizzarre Adventure and Ghost in the Shell: Arise also had releases in this time frame.  If anyone can confirm or deny nudity for those I’d appreciate it.

Sekatsuyo volume two hits stores on January 11th.  I can’t wait to see the next BD special they come up with.  May it have a speedy torrent release.