Classroom Crisis Episode 5.5 BD Fanservice Review

It’s time to hit the onsen again. First, a special thanks goes out to Anonecchi for bringing this to my attention. The 3rd blu-ray volume included an OVA entitled episode 5.5 which expands more on episode 5. If by chance you haven’t seen Classroom Crisis yet, I highly recommend putting it on your list. The series was a nice surprise, it wasn’t the typical school setting we’re used to seeing every season. It’s very rare nowadays where I watch an anime solely for its plot and this was one of them.
Okay, now about that fanservice. Yes, yes, that’s what matters here. The show was more story and character driven so there was very little fanservice. Most we get is bare butts, naval shots, nice bodies and glimpses of oppai. But it deserves credit; they didn’t use any steam/lightbeam/censorship to keep views guessing. I like that the fanservice wasn’t trying to be ecchi; it was simply causal nudity. The only real complaint is the two lead girls don’t have much service time.


OVA starts with girl talk.CC_BD_ep_5.5_141 CC_BD_ep_5.5_143 CC_BD_ep_5.5_144 CC_BD_ep_5.5_145 CC_BD_ep_5.5_148 CC_BD_ep_5.5_140 CC_BD_ep_5.5_147 CC_BD_ep_5.5_44 CC_BD_ep_5.5_146 CC_BD_ep_5.5_152 CC_BD_ep_5.5_150

Onsen scene.CC_BD_ep_5.5_74 CC_BD_ep_5.5_129 CC_BD_ep_5.5_2

Angelina-sensei was enjoying her quiet time.CC_BD_ep_5.5_46 CC_BD_ep_5.5_57 CC_BD_ep_5.5_58

Nice bare butts.CC_BD_ep_5.5_48 CC_BD_ep_5.5_51 CC_BD_ep_5.5_53 CC_BD_ep_5.5_56

CC_BD_ep_5.5_60 CC_BD_ep_5.5_62 CC_BD_ep_5.5_65 CC_BD_ep_5.5_69 CC_BD_ep_5.5_72 CC_BD_ep_5.5_75

CC_BD_ep_5.5_83 CC_BD_ep_5.5_90 CC_BD_ep_5.5_92 CC_BD_ep_5.5_98 CC_BD_ep_5.5_99

Trying to enjoy herself.CC_BD_ep_5.5_104 CC_BD_ep_5.5_105

“Oh~, did someone mention love?”CC_BD_ep_5.5_109 CC_BD_ep_5.5_111

Angelina-sensei’s oppai made the show more pleasant .CC_BD_ep_5.5_112 CC_BD_ep_5.5_114

The result of listening to a single woman in her late-20s talk love.CC_BD_ep_5.5_116CC_BD_ep_5.5_120CC_BD_ep_5.5_121CC_BD_ep_5.5_123CC_BD_ep_5.5_126CC_BD_ep_5.5_127CC_BD_ep_5.5_130CC_BD_ep_5.5_131CC_BD_ep_5.5_132

Mizuki and Iris share a bath.CC_BD_ep_5.5_133 CC_BD_ep_5.5_134 CC_BD_ep_5.5_136 CC_BD_ep_5.5_137 CC_BD_ep_5.5_139 CC_BD_ep_5.5_11 CC_BD_ep_5.5_12 CC_BD_ep_5.5_14 CC_BD_ep_5.5_15CC_BD_ep_5.5_25 CC_BD_ep_5.5_16

The two lead girls should’ve had a better service scene. Especially Iris.CC_BD_ep_5.5_19 CC_BD_ep_5.5_20 CC_BD_ep_5.5_21 CC_BD_ep_5.5_23

CC_BD_ep_5.5_27 CC_BD_ep_5.5_29

Even Sera-sensei gets a scene.CC_BD_ep5 (3) CC_BD_ep5 (4) CC_BD_ep5 (5) CC_BD_ep5 (6) CC_BD_ep_5.5_30CC_BD_ep5 (8)

CC_BD_ep5 (10)

Nope, Nope, we stopping here. Good luck sensei.CC_BD_ep5 (13)


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