Conception fanservice review episode 3



Two times the trolling.


I initially wasn’t going to do a post for episode 3 individually and instead just wait to combine it with episode 4 at the same time due to how little service we have gotten. However this episode had something occur that I figured would be worth doing a post over even though I have doubts it will actually deliver on BD. Just going to get through this quickly because too much exposure to this show isn’t good for your health.

Itsuki escapes the dungeon after getting beat in the previous episode. He discovers that the children turn into dolls as a way to protect them when killed and turn back to normal when leaving the dungeon. Eventually they come back after training and still get beat again. They head to visit Narcisstes for help whom tells Itsuki he needs to do a double ritual to create stronger star children. In other words a threesome.

Itsuki meets with Mahiru and they find a hotspring. Unfortunately we don’t get anything here as she strips down into a kimono to wear in it. Her and Itsuki talk about some things and we just get reminded some more that she is supposed to be the main girl. She loses her keychain she has of Itsuki in the water and he goes in to find it since the water has gotten cold at night and we get more “I’m the main canon romance” moments before jar jar binks interrupts with more cringy sex jokes that continue to kill this show.

Itsuki goes to visit Reone after getting back since he has gotten sick from being in the cold water. He tells her about how he needs to do a double ritual and she says she will be one of his partners since she is worried about if his body can handle it. She then tells him that he needs to find another person to use with them and since Mahiru is currently mad at him because of some stuff with jar jar binks earlier he heads off to find someone else.

Only entertaining thing about this show is that I am reminded of how as a kid I would play with those plastic sandwich swords.

While walking around outside Itsuki hears a commotion coming from the bar and decides to enter where he meets Falun as she is dancing for everyone. He tells her about the double ritual and is able to eventually convince her to be the other girl needed.

They all head to the room and start the ritual and eventually succeed in creating two more star children. Annoying that they don’t have those cutscenes from the games but have no problem leaving the misleading post dialogue in place. The important thing here is the obvious in your face censorship of their breasts. Unfortunately I have little faith in this actually delivering on BD instead of being trolling for a few reasons. First is as we can see in some other scenes right after there are bright lights covering the breasts and ass. Is this just another form of censorship or is it what we will see when those raccoon censors are removed? If they were going to use bright light censorship for those parts why did they not use the same method to cover the breasts instead? So the question is did they use two different forms of censorship here with images and lights or are those lights what it looks like uncensored and the images are just false censorship trolling?

Also keep in mind that this show in it’s first episode trolled those that were not familiar with the games by pulling the bait and switch method at the end of the episode so the show has shown itself to be willing to deceive people. Also shortly after this we see another army of jar jar binks cover the screen as Itsuki is on the bed similar to episode 1. However I am starting to think those moments are also false censorship trolling and they are doing it as part of a joke and we won’t actually get anything from it and the scene will remain the same for those moments as well. In other words it seems like they are doing it on purpose to make it seem more “explicit” then it really is. If this scene does actually deliver nudity on BD then that is good but I am really not expecting it and am instead anticipating this being trolling. We will probably either get their breasts lit up with bright lights when those censors are removed or something else. I wouldn’t be surprised if they in reality have band-aids covering their nipples like we see done in a bunch of stuff from japan that even gravure videos do that. I just can’t convince myself this is going to deliver as it feels too much like trolling and they will either be blank or have a form of pastie over them.

They should include details on how to painlessly kill yourself after watching this show.

Itsuki and his 4 star children now return to the dungeon and are able to defeat the first boss there and place the first star ward into it’s pedestal. You might think I am going over this briefly but no the show seriously skips showing it and just tells you about the fight with narration rather than showing it other then some static screens. After placing the first star ward in place they leave the dungeon as they suddenly start hearing a roaring sound and the ground shaking as the episode ends.



WebM Album.



The only thing of note from this episode was the censorship present and what it could potentially mean. If it actually delivers then great but I and no one else should seriously expect this as anything else other than false censorship trolling because this show has yet to demonstrate it can be trusted. The BD information has yet to be posted either so there is no way to see if there are any clues from that. Sometimes when a show is censored and plans on being uncensored on BD the description sometimes says something about it being different from the broadcast as a marketing ploy but until we see something like that I’m not trusting it.

Funny thing is even if by some miracle the BD does deliver we will probably never know as no one is probably going to buy this. It reminds me of what happened with King’s Game which has yet to have it’s BDs uploaded almost a year later because how badly it sold. Sold so bad there are no numbers because it never ranked even during weeks in which it released and the numbers for that particular week were already really low and yet it still couldn’t place. For those that don’t know I was actually going to do posts on that show last fall since the manga had onscreen sex and nudity in it and it was done by seven the same seven that does hentai and the omiai show in that same season which turned out to be the best of the josei shows we got so I figured what could go wrong. Everything did and it was horrible and though there was still censorship in the show all the good important parts were toned down or altered so I eventually gave up the idea of doing posts on it. Still was curious about BDs but they never appeared as no one bought them which is what I think will happen here. I almost think Conception being worse is punishment for skipping out on covering the worst show of fall last year and having it happen with this one instead.

So with that said since Conception is actually getting worse reception than King’s Game and even a insanely low rating (I think this is the lowest rated show we ever did posts on for the site) I suspect finding out if those BDs are uncensored or not will be difficult when they do release as a result. But like I said I highly doubt this is anything more than a trick for the purpose of selling BDs so not expecting anything. If it does and someone actually posts pictures of it then at least we would had got nudity but at this point I am wondering if nudity can even save this show at this point. The pacing of the show is terrible which is a given as you can’t take a 40+ hour long rpg and give it a reasonable telling of it’s story. But even if that was the case as long as they delivered on the service it would be fine but we have yet to really get that except for this episode which contains questionable trolling on if the service will deliver. Also the endless cringy sex jokes and annoyance from jar jar binks is easily the worst thing about this show. Be glad you don’t have to suffer from them and can just read these posts instead. Probably the most entertaining thing about this show is seeing how far it’s rating will drop. No idea if the next post will be episode 4 or episode 4+5 together as it will depend on the service amount. Now to wait for senran on friday to take the pain away.

Both this and the LN sister show are guilty of some really bad art at times though the sister show has much worse but at the very least despite that the sister show still manages to deliver on the service unlike conception. Both of the shows seem to be getting hate that both me and wizard could have a competition on which of us covered the worst show of fall. So far though I am winning as conception has a much lower rating and like I said the sister show at least has nudity and the potential for some nice stuff if they go that route. Ironically if it hadn’t been for senran airing this season I would had did that sister show instead since I was interested in seeing the first show the hxh director’s studio puts out. However there is no way I could cover three shows so I had to pass on it.