Corpse Party series fanservice collection


Its Halloween so time to celebrate with some murderous lolis.


Spanning across multiple games, manga, and OVAs Corpse Party has a huge amount of material out there. Since it is Halloween I decided to do a collection of all the service in the series. This involves 7 different manga, an OVA, any service CG in the games, any preorder bonuses, and some other things.

This being horror there will obviously be some blood, gore, and death (though I made sure to limit as much as I could). So just be aware of that before proceeding but there is plenty of nice fanservice in between. Mixing horror and fanservice isn’t as strange as people may think as even Hollywood themselves have done that for a long time filling their horror movies with nudity and sex scenes. Combining horror and fanservice allows you to give the viewer a false sense of safety so that when the horror begins its effect is amplified. Corpse Party does this well by making you think “oh look some cute girls” only to then horrify you with their fates which is made more impactfull due to your feelings or attraction to them which fanservice helps you develop.

So with that said let’s start.


Corpse Party – Musume: 3 Volumes (Complete)

This manga is obviously non canon and it is a retelling of the first Corpse Party game. By first Corpse Party game I mean the very first one made in RPG Maker back in 1996. The original game did not have half the characters in it as they were created for the remake years later. This means characters such as Seiko, Mayu, Yui, and Morishige did not exist and thus are not present in this. However the manga does create an original trap character for the story for some reason.

Also the story in the manga is different as well because the original Corpse Party story was not the same as what we have now. Everything involving Sachiko’s backstory is different in the original 96 game and thus reflected in this manga which uses that story for this adaption. On top of that Kishinuma looks different in this compared to his appearance in the modern games. Out of all the Corpse Party manga this one is considered by many to have the most fanservice as well at least in terms of some extremes.

Side note there was actually a reader submitted manga fanservice compilation of this posted on the site years ago however that compilation was missing a huge amount of content and also contained the scenes of the trap which I omitted from this since many would not want to see that. So consider this a remake compilation of it and is more complete.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3



Corpse Party – Blood Covered: 10 Volumes (Complete)


This is for the most part a manga adaption of the PSP game but with a number of differences. Some events in the manga play out differently and in different order then how they do in the game. Also there are some major changes as well such as the fate of one character as well as what characters witness or are present during certain scenes. Overall though you still have the same characters survive in the end despite some of the major changes. So in a way you could call this a manga adaption of the game but with some major creative liberties taken occasionally to tell the story. Maybe call it a retelling of the same story even.

There isn’t a lot of fanservice in this one but I included it for completion sake. The few instances of nudity are censored in this manga as well. But fret not that Seiko nudity will deliver later on in another manga. *Heavy Breathing Intensifies*

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6

Volume 7

Volume 8

Volume 9

Volume 10


Corpse Party – Another Child : Volumes 3 (Complete) 

This is a side story that involves a different group of characters who also get trapped in Heavenly Host at the same time as the main characters do. This is something I really would have liked to see done with the series more. The setup for Corpse Party gives the potential for numerous side stories involving different characters but that was never really utilized as much as it should have been. There could have been various manga, games, and anime that told the stories of other characters trapped and trying to escape. It would have really helped develop Heavenly Host as a nightmarish place more if we got to see it through the eyes of more characters and what they go through trying to survive only to fail.

Even though there are a few cameos from the original characters in this it more or less should be considered non canon since there are some things that happen in the manga which would kind of conflict with the events of Corpse Party if they were made canon. This probably has the least amount of fanservice out of all the manga but much like the other manga I felt it worth mentioning for completion.

Volume 1 – 3


Corpse Party: Coupling x Anthology: 1 Volume (Complete)

This is just an officially licensed anthology book that contains various different small stories and segments created by different artists. It doesn’t tell an actual story or anything like that its just a bunch of randomness but I felt it worth showing some of the fanservice parts of it.

Volume 1


Corpse Party – Book of Shadows : 3 Volumes (Complete) 

A manga adaption of the PSP game Book of Shadows. The artist for this is the same as the one who did the earlier Musume manga however unlike the Musume manga this follows the plot of the PSP game more closely. There are some differences here and there such as Ayumi and Naomi trying to resurrect Seiko first after finding the book of shadows instead of Mayu like in the game. Overall though it does follow the game more faithfully compared to some of the other manga adaptions though.

This also delivers on the nudity as well giving us some official Seiko nudity since all of these manga are official works. Almost gave us some Mitsuki nudity as well but sadly did not (dammit Kizami why couldn’t you be a bro and cut her shirt more). This was unfortunately the last Corpse Party work this artist did which is a shame. I really would have liked to see this artist do a manga adaption of Blood Drive as well just to finish it up. Plus a manga adaption of Blood Drive by this artist probably would have giving us some Magari nudity. Then again can anyone’s dick be contained at the possibility of Magari naked? Wait? Is it possible? Could there be Magari nudity later on in something else like say an official and canon work? Only one thing to do I guess “Sachiko we beg of you” *pulls paper doll apart*

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3


Corpse Party – Sachiko no Renai Yuugi Hysteric Birthday 2U : 2 Volumes (Complete) 

A manga adaption of the game 2U for PSP. I used the english translated copies for this due to the fact that this was initially published online in famitsu and ripping the pages would be too much trouble and they would probably not be as good quality wise as the ones here. The PSP game was unfortunately never released in english which is a shame because based on this manga it would have been a very entertaining game. This entire thing is a non serious and at times dark comedy involving the Corpse Party characters. On Sachiko’s birthday her powers become stronger and for that one day she is able to not be evil.

She tells everyone how she wants to watch a love comedy and is making the characters provide it for her. Before that happens though she makes the characters play through a bunch of different events and games first. Out of all the Corpse Party manga this is probably the best one simply due to how entertaining it is. You get to see Sachiko rapping, Taguchi getting caught recording little girls, and Kishinuma being the best character, If you haven’t read it and have played the games up through Book of Shadows so you can understand everything at that point then you should.

Since we will never get 2U in english the manga is the closest we will have as a substitute. However the manga doesn’t cover everything from the game unfortunately since while there are a bunch of CG from the game that match up to scenes in the manga there are also plenty that don’t appear at all which makes sense since the manga is only 12 chapters. It is really sad we did not get this game since it adds a lot of character development to many of the characters especially Sachiko. The ending in the manga is depressing with everyone knowing they will lose their memories of the whole thing and will return to Heavenly Host to suffer. Even Sachiko cries knowing she will return to being evil again and these scenes probably are a lot better in game form.

You could call this manga semi canon I guess since it does adapt the 2U game which is actually canon as well and not just a fun spinoff. There are a few references to the events of 2U in Blood Drive but with characters acting confused since obviously they lost their memories of the whole thing. Also the present they gave Sachiko at the end does appear in Blood Drive as well.

In terms of fanservice there is no nudity but plenty of skin still. All the characters end up in swimsuits during one of the events and there is even a butt battle competition with some of the girls having to fight each other with their butts and a game of twister. Like I said probably the best of all the Corpse Party manga. I really wish the series would have done more silly stuff like this with it’s characters.

Volume 1 -2