Cosplay Complex OVA Episode 3 Fanservice Review

Faux yuri is better than no yuri at all….


Cosplay Complex is a three-episode OVA that was published in 2002.  That’s right, 17 years ago.  Which means it’s SD video not HD.  It’s an original work.  Cosplay as a high school sport.  Only in Japan…  Part of the fun is trying to recognize which anime characters are being cosplayed in the competition scenes.  Last but not least, and the main reason for this fanservice review, Cosplay Complex is from a time when people expected and wanted OVAs to be more risque than TV shows.

Plot summary from ANN:

Chako and her friends are members of the struggling club the Cosplay Association at East Oizuka Academy that dreams of going all the way to the Cosplay World Series. Can these girls, with the help of a new member and a magic fairy get well on the way to becoming Cosplay champions. Clothing and costumes will fly as we find out.

Tags from AniDB and ANN:

comedy, cosplay, ecchi, fanservice, large breasts, original, parody, school clubs, school life


Episode 3

Title and summary from crunchyroll:

“The Final Battle: Showdown in the East Oizumi Academy Gym!”


While coach is in the hospital, the group visits him. He informs them that he will be ready before the Cosplay World Series.



WebMs (WebM Album)


Welp.  Cosplay Complex didn’t exactly go out with a bang.  Better than a whimper but not not as much as it should have been.  That’s what happens when creators try to cram plot in over PLOT at the last minute.  The only nipples were in shadow play.  At least the faux yuri was fun.  As was the cute but shy meganekko girl.  And the orange-haired tsundere.

Overall, Cosplay Complex was a fun and sexy-in-a-cute-way OVA that ecchi fans should check out.  Oldie but Goldie.  Of a kind that they simply don’t make any more.  Not afraid to be politically incorrect and sexy at the same time.  With the kind of premise that could only be found in Japan…

Check out the links to AniDB, ANN and MAL if you want to learn more about the characters and story.

Although Cosplay Complex does deliver nipples, it’s not as consistent as it could be.  Only some of the girls.  Only some of the time.  Same for nipple bumps and panty shots and more.  Furthermore, some of the fanservice is just slightly off-screen.  LOL.  Seems to be done mainly for comedy.  And Cosplay Complex is a silly comedy, first and foremost.  But it’s fun to watch and the risque and/or politically incorrect scenes can be refreshing and funny at times.

Speaking of politically incorrect, one of the main characters Jenny is an openly unabashed lolicon.  Jenny is a girl but something that new anime shows tend to steer well clear of.  Different times.  Different strokes.

The video and artwork can be rough at times.  Older SD show that may not have had a high budget even though it was an OVA.  Plus it might have been part of the early transition to digital.

One reason I decided to make media for all of Cosplay Complex was that readers here and on FapService Discord kept posting media from this show.  Unfortunately, most of that media was low quality to be kind.  I had made better quality versions of key stitches for all three episodes but it became obvious that wasn’t enough.  Hopefully, readers will make the effort to download my original media (or something very close) and use that for posting.  Readers can even download gifs of my webms as mentioned below.


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