Cutey Honey (all series) fanservice compilation

Cutey Honey is Go Nagai’s signature creation, one that propelled him into mainstream industry stardom in the early 1970s.  Though Go Nagai had several other big hits, Cutey Honey is his most enduring and celebrated.

This compilation covers the original Cutey Honey TV series (1973), the New Cutey Honey OVA, the second TV series (Cutey Honey Flash), and GAINAX’s 2004 OVA adaptation Re: Cutie Honey.  That’s seventy-five episodes of material in total.


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DDL [1080p]:  part1, part2

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Series Information


Production Companies:  Dynamic Planning / Toei Animation (Cutey Honey, New Cutey Honey, Cutey Honey Flash), GAINAX (Re: Cutie Honey)

Vintage:  1973-1974, 1994-1995, 1997-1998, 2004


Notable Seiyuu:


Michiko Neya as Honey Kisaragi / Cutey Honey (1994-1995)


Michiko Neya is also well known for her roles as:


Yui Horie as Honey Kisaragi / Cutie Honey (2004)


Yui Horie is also well known for her roles as:


Junko Noda as Natsuko Aki


Junko Noda is also well known for her roles as:



Thoughts on the anime


Japan is such an interesting place.  Where else could an erotic action comic book be turned into a TV show for little girls?  Cutey Honey is not only adored by lecherous men but also idolized by young girls, and even adult women who love to cosplay.  Even to this day, Cutie Honey is essentially anime’s first and foremost sex symbol.

Another unique thing to Japan, they just love turning androids into sexual exploitation characters.  Cutie Honey, Mahoromatic, Saikano, all of them were built around android women who show the goods, I guess to establish their humanity.  At least in the case of Mahoro and Cutie Honey, they both have so much personality and femininity that you can be forgiven for forgetting that they are androids.  The Cutie Honey series in particular seems to skirt the android subplot under the rug so as to not undermine her sexual authenticity.

As far as the series itself, the two TV adaptations are marketed to young girls and have minimal nudity.

The first OVA series (New Cutie Honey) does by far the best job of capturing the lecherous spirit of Go Nagai’s original manga, and even has some references to other Go Nagai works, such as a villain in the opening episode who once transformed has an uncanny resemblance to Devilman Lady.  This was by far my favorite of the four.  It was true to Go Nagai’s intentions, it had that 90’s hand drawn anime charm, it drew nudity well and it did not skimp on the service in the slightest.  Every transformation sequence was a body showcase.  Amazingly, despite a 180 degree reversal in target demographic, New Cutey Honey was produced by the same companies that produced both the 1973 and 1997 TV series.  From shoujo to seinen to shoujo again.

Back in the good old days, GAINAX not only animated nudity but did so with glee.  Re: Cutey Honey represents one of the very last nude projects they’ve done.  To be sure, it felt more like a GAINAX anime than a Go Nagai anime, but they were reasonably faithful to the source material even if they also took several stylistic liberties.

Random factoid:  The original manga’s title is in Japanese characters only, leaving the romanized spelling up for interpretation.  All three of the Toei Animation versions spelled it “Cutey Honey”, while the GAINAX version spelled it “Cutie Honey.”


Thoughts on the fanservice video


For some reason this video encoded at a very large size, so in addition to the usual 1080p and 720p offerings, I also made a 480p version with a lesser CRF value (less size, less quality) and a 10 bit pixel format (which shaves off about 15% of file size but may not play on some platforms).  The result is a dramatic size difference, but also a noticeable quality drop-off.  The 1080p and 720p version are the usual encoding style: 8-bit with the usual quality settings.

Once again, this is an mp4 file with chapters.  A chapter was created for each of the nude and non-nude sections of all four animes, plus chapter markings for the two transformation montages at the end, as well as the three series OPs that made the video.

Overall, I think this is one of the best videos I’ve yet made.  This series can be ridiculously sexy at times, and the slow-motion repeats enhanced some of those transformation scenes quite nicely.


Favorite Character


Cutey Honey… kind of impossible to pick anyone else given all the different appearances she could take on.  And in New Cutey Honey, just about every one of those forms came with a perfect pair.

Natsuko Aki- the cop sidekick from the GAINAX version- deserves a mention too.

And if we are talking non-females, the old fart Danbei Hayami definitely had his happy Happosai moments.