Cutey Honey Fanservice AMV

Unlike most of my recent AMVs, this one is an actual direct excerpt from the final video.  After compiling all the fanservice clips as I normally would in the project, I had a special section near the end that replayed all of the Cutie Honey’s R-rated transformations, which is what you see here.  After that I had another montage that played all the nude transformations in slow motion.

DDL 720pSong

Having watched the rough draft version of the final video, which spans over an hour, I think Cutie Honey is easily one of the top ten videos I’ve yet made.  It definitely feels like two weeks of hard work was time well spent.  New Cutie Honey in particular was ridiculously sexy at times and was loaded with material.  Most of this video comes in 1080p, too.

Unfortunately, life can’t always be perfect and for some reason my computer sometimes spits out files that are extra large for no apparent reason, and no matter what I do the efficiency rate won’t budge.  This happened recently with Samurai Bride as well.  The final Cutie Honey project 1080p video is 3.37 GB at one hour and eight minutes (I was expecting it to come in around 2 GB).  I figure the 720p version will be half that, but still, HUGE file.  Biggest I’ve yet made, sadly.