Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai fanservice compilation

This anime may have disappointed, but the service definitely did not.


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Series Information


Production Company:  feel.

Vintage:  Summer 2012


Nipple sightings from other feel. produced anime:


Mayo Chiki!, Yosuga no Sora


Other notable / recently relevant mainstream anime from feel.:



Notable Seiyuu


Aya Endo as Lisara Restole


Aya Endo is also well known for her roles as:


Misato Fukuen as Iria Fukumune


Misato Fukuen is also well known for her roles as:


Hiro Shimono as Ryosuke Kaga


Hiro Shimono is also well known for his roles as:


Thoughts on the anime


If this anime visually reminded you of Yosuga no Sora, it’s probably because they were made by the same production company and shared the same director.

I have the following written down in my notes here from when I charted this anime many months ago:  “Light novel and Manga adaptation are nipple free.”  I recently went back to double check, and yep, the non-animated version is indeed non-nude.  A lot of credit to the production company here for not only giving us nipples, but for making this anime one of the most naked anime TV series of all time.

The non-nude source probably explains why the show had such uneven nudity, with Lisara accounting for more than 80% of it.  The anime refused to animate Quele’s nipples for some reason.  Quele’s fun buttons were even missing- quite conspicuously- from the anime’s ED sequence.  The anime did give us an omake bonus art image of all four girls topless and showing it all during the closing moments of one of the final episodes, so technically there is that.  But otherwise, it was almost as if Quele’s nipples not being shown was in their contract or something.

The story is of course total ecchi exaggerated silliness, with a lot of common elements to High School DXD.  Our hero, Ryosuke, is some lucky bastard who’s hormonal perverted antics actually fuel our heroines superpowers, meaning they let him do all sorts of perverted things to power them up, something he is eager to induldge them in.  This is a very obvious case of an ecchi series that is pandering to the extreme fanservice crowd (me) while thumbing their nose at the mainstream anime community.

The result?  Poor sales and ultimately a bit of a failed business venture, but with a few very happy customers earned along the way, myself among them.

I liked this show a lot.  I liked Lisara’s dynamic lead role, handled fairly well by the emotive Aya Endo, who was at least trying hard in this one, even if her acting occasionally went a bit too far.  Hiro Shimono is at his best when he goes all out, and the perv-hero Ryosuke gave him a suitable role.  The supporting cast wasn’t great, though Iria was a lot of fun and also a lot of fun to look at when she was showing off her body.

I liked that this show used any excuse to give us nudity, and would often give us nice, long looks too.  None of this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it three frames long bullshit a lot of other series specialize in.  At one point, Lisara’s breasts are exposed for an episode and change before she is decent again.  To have such a degree of non-stop nudity is mind-blowing, especially in an “action” anime.

The OVA was pretty nice, a model OVA for most ecchi series, really.  But the series did not opt for fanservice specials on BD, which given the quality of the nudity and character design, seems like huge missed opportunity.  If you are going to swing for the fences hoping to be the next Ladies versus Butlers or High School DXD, you need to at least have fanservice specials to have any real chance.

It breaks my heart to see this show fail in terms of sales, though it isn’t surprising.  Not that I ever expected a sequel, but it would been great to see feel. give us another epic nude fanservice series as their first two (Yosuga no Sora being the other) were outstanding.  But given this disappointment, I’m guessing they will just stick with non-nude titles like Da Capo in the near future.


Thoughts on the fanservice video


Lots of repeats, zooms, movie magic.  This show had a ton of boobs, but they were spread out fairly evenly over 13 episodes, making this compilation feel more essential than most.  This is probably the 2nd most “fapable” video I’ve made that didn’t include fanservice specials (#1 being To Love-Ru Darkness).  There are only a handful of videos I’ve made that I like more than this one.


Favorite Character


I love Lisara’s character, and I love that for once an ecchi anime worshiped “realistic” breasts.  As much as I’d like to say Lisara was my favorite character, she wasn’t my favorite.  Iria was the most fun for me.  She has a bit of a farmer’s daughter charm and the exact right kind of sensual sass. She was also voiced by the same voice actress as Kurumu from Rosario to Vampire, who had a knack for playful seduction in that anime as well.

Iria also had the best and most exaggerated boob shots in the show.  Of the three girls who show the goods in this show, Iria seemed to have the most fun while servicing, and she was a lot of fun to look at as well.