Devilman Crybaby Fanservice Review Episodes 3-4

There’s quite a lot of nudity here yet again.  Also, it seems Devilman can see through clothes?


Episode 3


A shot of porn on a dude’s computer.


In addition to Devilman’s combat enhancements, he can also see though clothing for some reason.  This ability is used to greater effect in episode five.


Our hero’s friend (love interest?) gets some naked time in the bath before being attacked by a water monster.


The bird chick villain lays out on a poolside chair as though sun-tanning in the dead of night, but she’s really just playing with herself.  I guess as a way of powering up?


Devilman’s lady friend gets possessed, then runs around naked for quite some time.


Episode 4


Not much in episode four.


Overall, a pretty good amount of nudity once again, and this time it isn’t marred by blood and gore the way the previous episodes were.

The nipple style is very minimalist but that’s understandable given that is how nipples were drawn in Go Nagai’s original manga.  I’m just pleased to see so many of them.