Dogeza De Tanondemita – Episode 1 Fanservice Review

Apparently if you kowtow enough, girls will just show you the goods

One day while in the discord chat, I mentioned to Wizard what if there was an anime series or special that was kind of like the old informercials for ‘gone wild’ franchise or movement. Wouldn’t that be a good idea? He said that wouldn’t be a bad one, in fact that’d be pretty sweet. Well this is as close as were probably going to get to it.

A ‘dogeza’ or ‘kowtow’ refers to bowing your head on the ground in a submissive/begging position. Since these episodes are shorts and the manga chapters are shorts, the episodes follow a quick mini-skit about a guy doing everything he can by begging in order to see the goods. After each episodes there is also a really sexy end card as well.
This series is licensed by Crunchyroll, so support this series for future seasons by watching it legally there.

Episode 1 ~ Gakesaka Minori

Let’s all grovel together!
The first episode is on a rooftop. Where (you guessed it) a guy obsessively begs until she shows her breasts. She’s a little self-conscience about her smaller size, but eventually after¬† begging enough, she un-buttons her shirt.


Goodness, I cant wait until this is Uncensored. .

End Card. 

Ending Credits

The end Credits just give you a preview of most of the girls in the series, if not all. One of them . . . scares me. That one, is not the blue haired-yandere you see mostly well animated in the credits. I think I will wait until her specific episode comes out, and see if they do it.


I would make stitches for this, but i’ll wait for the BD’s uncensored to try that one out. I think the goods are better expressed in a Webm anyways.



Next time we will cover two episodes in one!