Dogeza De Tanondemita Episodes 2-3 Fanservice Review

Solve that Equation! followed by lots of ass.

Episode 2 ~ Sukiyabashi Rui

Oh boy, get your math hat’s on guys, its time to solve that equation!
Today we learned that if you ‘appear’ to suck at math. The teacher will provide motivation for you to do better. But because you appeared to be bad at math, then suddenly pull a 180 on that teacher. That teacher will show you the goods.
Also, support the official release of this show, I want 20 seasons of this.

Solve that Equation!
Here I assume the question is what does A, B, and C have to equal in order for both sides to be equal. (I can’t read the Japanese language), but In order to find that you have two options.

  1. Trial and Error
  2. Be way past high school age, cause I highly doubt something like this would be in that level. Maybe she’s a university prof.
  3. Factor (x^2-2x+1), then divide the right side of the equation by an (x-1). Then isolate B. Simplify by adding a common denominator of (x-1) on the left side of the equation in order to add the digits and I have no idea how to solve this shit.
  4. Cheat like this guys is and realize A=3, B=-6, and C=3.

Solve that equation!

Fill in the blank, the smallest numeric value for n in root 2016N is []?

To solve this you need to:

  1. Get a scientific calculator and input root 2016 x 1, and keep increasing the multiplies until you find the first number that yields a result that is not a Decimal. In this case, you reach the smallest available perfect root by yielding a n=14.
  2. Cheat.

Solve that equation!

Oh where do I begin with this one. So first of all, what class is this guy taking. Second of all, I can’t even translate this properly. So ill just take a guess at what it is asking.

  1. The three images you see create polygon ABCDEMO. BM is equal to those equations with a range of 3-6, and the goal in the polygons is to solve the Volume of poly ABCDEMO, by inputting the formula labelled V into the equation. The problem here is the equation is expressed in rational/root numbers and H isn’t clearly defined. So the goal is to define the roots of the polygon whilst finding its maximum value. Gonna be honest with you, this teacher is underhanded giving this type of question out. This belongs in a Math or Physics 500 level course.
  2. Cheat

Solve that Equation!
Well really in this question she just wants to know what the Fibonacci expression is in regards to N. Some may know that the fibonacci expression is a swirl that eventually gets smaller, and smaller, and smaller. This one he would just copy and paste really.

Well now that he cheated his way to victory, not really a Dogeza, he gets his award!

End Card


Episode 3~ Misenai Kanan
In this one a girl is actually teasing this guy to death. She eventually reveals that she is not in fact wearing underwear, making the guy super attentive at what he may see.

String? Oh so there is no going commando. Well that’s unfortunate for the guy in the Dogeza position. Guess the only logical thing to do now, is to grab it for dear life.
(please do not do this in real life)

End Card.