Dogeza De Tanondemita Episodes 6-7 Fanservice Review

Episode 6 coming with female pantsu. CAUTION: I was right about the girl I was afraid of. . .

Episode 6 ~ Shioya Rei

Rei is pretty much a kuudere with no initial shame. Which apparently ticks off the guy doing the dogeza because the dogeza was too easy and she didn’t follow the script. So she hiked up her skirt in the first second. She just kind of stood there for the rest of it. So this episodes is all panty-shot.



 Episode 7 ~ Sukiyabashi Rui

I waaaaaaaaaaaaas riiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!!

Hey everyone, this is your captain E101EPiC speaking here. Please exit the article if you don’t like elephants. That is all.

If you didn’t click in, the next skirt hiked up is has the male genitalia present. So, while its not my thing, I understand that it’s somebody else’s. So in order to please both, I will attach the webm and picture link in a separated file.

End Card is Here
Webm is Here