Dogeza De Tanondemita Episodes 8-9 Fanservice Review

Be a baby for Dogeza, also be the most annoying person at a dentists office.

Episode 8 ~Toyofusa Urara

In this article we learn that if you whine and scream enough like a baby you will automatically hypnotize some females in front of you and it will awaken maternal instincts. Enabling them to take off their top in a very hypnotizing fashion.

Well? Whatever works I guess. I have pride though. I think?

If you look at the above picture carefully you will see a nice little nip slip!


Episode 9 ~ Aneha Yua

I give props to this episode. The end card is glorious. The way she presents her boobs to you in a very personal like fashion is also great.

Now never do this in a dentists office because It will not end well for you. First of all, if they don’t already. They SCRAPE the literal gunk off your teeth, what’s wrong with a little happy accident if your acting that way. They have that power. They’ll ask you about your day, when your mouth is completely needled up, just for you to lose some of your pride. You have been warned! … or does every dentist place do this by default anyway?