Domestic Girlfriend Fanservice Review Episode 05

While we shouldn’t expect a ton of BD nudity in this episode, it didn’t skip over any of the fanservice scenes, even some that could have easily been disposed of.


This episode introduces a new love interest for our MC, the soft-voiced, highly promiscuous Momo.  We don’t get a lot of service for her in this episode, but a lot more should be coming down the road.

Here’s her obligatory panty shot in the anime:


And here’s the manga version:


I kind of doubt they work the topless bit in, but it would be cool if they did.


Rui does the right thing by encouraging Momo to pursue her feelings and ask the MC out, but she clearly has conflicting feelings.  So of course that means we get a “deep in thought” bath scene:


Manga comparison:


Will be interesting to see if they add nipples to BD here.  If they are intent on staying true to the manga, they will.


Later, Rui gets sick, and needs Natsuo to care for her.  This of course becomes the suppository scene from the manga:


And here’s the manga comparison:


It’s worth noting that this scene blacks out awkwardly in the anime, so there’s a high likelihood of the scene being expanded on BD.  No nipples here, but should get some bare butts.

Next we get the final big scene of the episode, where Momo invites Natsuo back to her place and they start to get it on.


Manga comparison:


Unfortunately the mood is ruined when Natsuo notices slash scars on Momo’s wrists.  Girl’s got issues.  He does his best to show her empathy and even makes her dinner, but sexy time is over.  For now.



Overall Thoughts:


It looks like the TV anime may have missed a chance or two for nipples here, but we won’t know for sure until BD.  Overall it was a pretty solid episode for service.

The story continues to be a pleasant surprise.  The series really goes out of its way to show us how these characters care about each other, which makes the expanding love triangle that much more interesting.  I didn’t expect Momo to come off sympathetic at all, but she seems completely genuine as someone who just wants love and is looking in all the wrong places.

Rui too often shows herself to be caring even at the expense of her own happiness.  There’s even a scene early where she lectures her older sister about not eating her asparagus the way a doting mom would.

Even Natsuo’s motivations for dating Momo are sound, he realizes that a relationship with the step-sisters in his house isn’t practical, so dating Momo gives him a chance to “forget” his romantic feelings for the others.

The only person who doesn’t seem especially virtuous so far is Hina, which is interesting because she is seemingly predestined to be the main love interest by the end, unless one of Momo or Rui steal Natsuo from her.

All in all, I’m really enjoying the love story aspect and I think it actually helps the fanservice too.  A lot of the non-nude scenes are interesting here whereas in a typical ecchi show they’d be seen as a boring waste of time.


Note: A short while back we updated the manga compilation for this series on the site.  Unfortunately a lot of the files were cropped by accident and some files were missing completely.  The compilation and gallery have since been fixed, so you may want to go back and re-download.